Thursday, January 26, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

Okay 16 weeks until Florida 70.3 9 weeks until Nautica International.

Everything is progressing on the calendar - sadly this weeks training so far feels like a bust. I am trying to accept that this is just gonna happen sometimes. But still ... that pill goes down bitterly.

Monday my kids were off of school. I knew intellectually I should get up and work out early but I was tired so I didn't do it. Blah. Then it was kids kids kids all day. And kids come first so I was okay with that.

I did pull myself out of bed Tuesday and Spin followed by tennis (Tuesday is tennis day  - did you know?).

Then yesterday I should have exercised but my Mommy book club was meeting on a boat ... can't skip that! And then it was a Hammerhead meeting in the evening. Hammerheads is the name of my triathlon club. I would have skipped that but I had volunteered to help pass out cycling uniforms ... aack. So then I thought I'd ride the trainer afterwards... home at 9 ... didn't quite hit the trainer.

So here I am at Thursday with one workout accounted for... bleh, and yuck and furthermore ick.

So there's the pity party. Now it's over - moving forward.

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