Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I'm reading

I got this book for Christmas from my step-son. It's called What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.

It marks a notable moment in my life when I have found a book about running that is so boring that even I can't read it. And this is notable because I can read just about anything. Which is why I'm continuing to read it ... also it's not very long and I don't like to leave things unfinished.

I overslept for the long run yesterday. So I didn't go out with my group instead striking out on my own. I decided to take my camera with me and see if I saw anything photo worthy. Of course, almost everything is photo worthy on some occasions.

Anywhoo here it is:

We're having winter here in Sunny South Florida so I'm wearing pants. Capris actually to keep me warm. Of course by the end of the run I was hot. 
This is the sun coming up at my corner. Not a particularly photo worthy moment but it does prove that I didn't leave too late in the morning.
I was freezing even after the sun came up for about 30 minutes. Can you see the dew still on the grass here?
So this is steam coming off the roof of this house. I always think it's cool when steam comes up from places like a river or a street when its cool out. This particular house is also totally bizarre in that it looks like a castle so that adds to the photo worthy - ness.

Cool coral thing at the corner in South Miami.
Tree with the sun behind it on Red Road.
Duck by the canal. I think all the construction in Dante Fascel park has caused all those pesky ducks to move across the street. Which is fine by me. They were super aggressive.

So I'm no economist but this is one of seven new construction projects I pass every day so I am thinking the economy might be recovering. But who am I to say ... I don't really know but that's my guess.

And that was my run. 2 hours. I missed my running buddies.

Also I have decided that my water belt is finito - kaput - all done. Add it to the shopping list!

So hopefully this has not bored you too much.


  1. What's that yellow thing on your shoes?

    Also, which belt are you talking about? The Amphipod?

  2. The yellow thing is my proof of membership in my uber-elite running club. And no you can't have one because well you live in Minnesota. :-) gets me into the footworksmiami tent at the marathon.

    Yes the amphipod bottles are all kinds of leaking splashing me on the run and making me unhappy.

  3. Hilarious, because I bought that book, too, and couldn't read it no matter how many times I picked it up! How on earth did it become a NYT bestseller? Probably because runners like us thought it would give us some fascinating insight. LOL! I finally gave it away.

  4. Update -I did finally finish it. It was a totally anticlimactic end which is saying a lot since I had no expectations at all.

  5. I'll strike that book off my list. :) Though, I no longer finish books that bore me. Nice pictures!