Sunday, January 1, 2012

What will 2012 Bring

Luckily for me 2012 begins on a Sunday because I still need this day to plan. Having spent the last week of 2011 on vacation in California I have some thoughts but not much concrete to go on for the new year as far as resolutions go.

Oh yes a new years blog post. Goals goals goals. But first looking back just a little bit.

2011 was a mixed bag ... all years are a mixed bag of ups and downs so I can and always do say that. I feel that looking for perfection means always being sad that you don't hit the goal. That's also why I never make a goal to always work out in the morning or never eat ice cream. Goals like that are instant failures. In 2011 there was a lot of good, some not so good - nothing really terrible. And by nothing terrible let me clarify that yes I do mean that I have more relatives at the end of the year than I started with. Going the other direction is always a bummer.

In 2011 my biggest resolution was to race once every month. That was a lot of racing. I did pull off 11 races during 12 months but when I got into the New York Marathon I modified my race plan dropping some shorter races. This was the right thing to do. When I couldn't race I volunteered so I still participated in a race every month. It made a fun year. I like to race and while I'm not going to resolve to race every month I like being a part of races.

I had two other goals. The first was try something new every month. I did that I just tried new things all year long. It's fun and I like trying new things. I started keeping track but it was too much keeping track so I stopped that but kept trying new things. The last goal was plant something in the garden every week - this I did not do. Garden is something I am not good at. I did try for a while and some of the things I planted are still alive. :-)

Now onto the future

The big fitness goal for 2012 is to go longer and then go longer a little faster. I plan to complete three 70.3 races this year. The details are not all ironed out. But here is the muy- muy (that's very very to you non Miami readers) tentative plan:
I learned a while ago from my sister in law that you are more likely to actually race in these things if you actually register. It's true although most recently that has meant me registering for 2 half marathons that I won't get to run because I didn't check my daughter's schedule carefully enough. OOPS. And also Yippee Gymnastics!

I'm registered for Nautica. Today after my hubby gets home from the football game I'm going to confirm this schedule with him and then I'll register for May 20th. The other two require some more planning.

In fact I'll be honest the whole schedule after 4/1/12 is pretty fluid. I could bail on Chisago and run the Twin Cities Marathon the first week of October with my sister-in-law. It's all up in the air.

Also happening immediately after sending this post into the cybersphere is that I will download a training plan for that May 20th event. I will also continue to fantasize about buying a tri bike. That is a very plain jane fantasy because I don't know much about tri bikes other than I like pink ones by Quintanaroo.

In other resolution type things. I resolve to give blood in 2012. I used to do this before I had kiddos. It's a good thing to do and I should get back to it.

Also, I'm renewing my passport and getting passports for the kids. This will make it actually possible for us to take exciting trips farther away than we already do. What and where tbd.

Last things on my list which are always on my list: be less bossy and be more organized.

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