Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beyblades:: my son, marathon :: me, politics:: hubby

My son is obsessed with beyblades. He loves to play with them, battle with them and what's more he loves to discuss them ... With ME!

Sadly, I can barely keep my eyes open for these discussions. I have to concentrate to try to look interested. Of course since he's only 5 I don't think he notices.

I realized as my eyes were glazing over during the latest Beyblade discussion (that always revolves around how my son has won the battle) that this must be how my husband feels when i'm jabbering on about marathon or triathlon training or racing.

I recognize that look on my husband because I make it myself when my husband is jabbering on about whatever political stuff he finds interesting this week.

In the beginning I am listening and interested. Then I realize that I don't really understand what he's talking about and my thoughts begin to drift. Then I realize I don't care about what he's talking about and then I just have to hope he doesn't realize that I'm not actually paying attention. It's terrible and rude and I wish it didn't happen but it does.

So now I've decided that it's karmic payback for all my marathon jabbering that my son is torturing me with endless and detailed lessons on the all important beyblades.

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