Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Bike Shorts -- Woohoo

I did a longer bike ride this Sunday.

In preparation I picked up a new pair of cycling shorts. I did this because I suspected that my current shorts were ouchie. In fact they were so ouchie that I had gone to just wearing tri shorts for rides and trainer sessions. But I was pretty sure I would regret wearing tri shorts on a ride this long.

I stopped by Elite Cycling and Fitness by the Falls in Miami. I went here because I was on my way to see a movie with my kids.

Side note: the movie was, The Secret Life of Arietty. Skip it. It's slow and boring and at least the one we saw the sound was all messed up. 

The last time I had been to Elite Cycling the owner was my sales person. He sold me spinning shoes. He also told me that he was planning to dedicate a bunch of the space in his store to a gym. I guess he did that and it wasn't a perfect success because it's back to being an all bike store and there are I think 2 new partners one of whom helped me.

There were only a few shorts on display so when asked, "how can I help you" I asked for girl shorts. They brought 3. I tried on two models. I closely inspected the chamois area wanting no seams or creases or bumps or anything but soft smooth padding. I asked about the difference and low and behold the male salesperson was ... wait for it ... knowledgeable and helpful about girls shorts.

I know, crazy but good because there didn't appear to be any girl employees around and I had, of course, waited until Saturday to make this purchase for the Sunday ride.

He explained what made the shorts different. I was concerned that the ones I liked more would be too hot but he assured me that it wouldn't be so.  Also the panels have a slight compression effect so that should be good, right. (Actually I'm not convinced about compression so I have no opinion there) So, I chose the one I wanted and also picked up some chamois creme (also for girls) just to be on the safe side.

Here's the best part. THEY ARE AWESOME! During and after the ride neither my girlie parts nor my bum were uncomfortable.   WOOHOO!  I repeat WOOHOO!
They are the Louis Garneau Fit Sensor shorts

Added bonus ... the top does not dig into my belly and I hope the compression helps keep all the parts from jiggling during the after bike jog. Actually to be honest after the 50 mile ride I didn't care what I looked like running.

Overall, I'm very happy with the shorts.

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