Thursday, February 9, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - the stuff of legends

There are 7 weeks until Nautica South Beach. There are 14 weeks until Half-Ironman 70.3 which I may or may not be racing with Lance Armstrong. I say may because while the Internets are all atwitter today that he is racing Ironman 70.3 Panama this weekend he has also announced that he will be racing Florida 70.3. Since we have two Ironman 70.3s in Florida whether he's racing with me in May or without me in October remains to be clarified. Either way the sport of triathlon has just gotten more news coverage in the last 20 hours than probably the last 2 months so that's probably good.

Training Notes
I wanted to put up a super cool video of me swimming today but I cannot seem to remember to take my camera out of my bag and into the pool room so that will have to be a next week item. I did not attend masters classes this week because I am a wimp. But I did  swim 3750 yards this week which is my two longest swim workouts to date.

In other swimming news the pool is back to being empty apparently the post ING crowds have moved to another LA fitness or something.

In final swimming news there was somebody swimming next to me today who was swimming more slowly than I was. I was concentrating on going slowly (to keep the barfy feeling away) so she was going very slow which confused me because I'm not used to that happening.

I got my tushie handed to me on a long ride this past Sunday. I had been cruising along thinking I still had some bike fitness. I mean I had been riding over the winter on the trainer, spin classes etc. I had done group rides and felt fine over the winter. I actually went on a ride with my husband who observed that I've gotten a lot faster.

But Sunday woah.

I was riding with the group from last year which is lead by a speedy guy and I know he starts like a rocket and then settles into his groove. My body was so not ready for that. My legs were immediately ON FIRE and I was going so slow. I was dropped instantly.  Luckily my buddies waited for me at an intersection and we stayed together for the rest of the ride. I owe them dinner or something.

About 12 miles into the ride the burn faded and I felt like I had some power back... 12 miles that's forever. We did go over the bridge and I did hit 32 mph on the way down which just might mean that I'm getting a little braver on the bike.

Ran 8 miles on Saturday ... slow. Ran Tuesday for 20 minutes after spinning and did a track workout last night for about 4 miles. Ouch. That's all I'm gonna say about that ... ouch.

General Observations and Goals for next week
You might have picked up on the c word above. Coach. So yes this is the first week with the coach. So far it has had the desired effect of giving me a plan and increasing my swim volume, a lot. Also he's made me run faster on the track so that's probably good although it didn't feel all that good toward the end of said workout.

Too early to tell really what this will mean in the long run. Ha! a funny ... long run.

In other news Chris McCormack tweeted that he got a massage on Tuesday. You may have heard of him because he's an international triathlon superstar world champion cool guy.  I know he got a massage because as a total geek I follow him on twitter.  I also got a massage on Tuesday although I didn't tweet it because, well, nobody cares. But I'm pretty sure that the fact that he and I got massages on the same day (albeit on different continents) means that he and I are now buddies and should I ever see him in person I'll be able to be all nonchalant and cool and just say, "hey." 

Goals for next week - keep on plugging. Now that I've settled on a format for this message it needs images - relevant images.

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