Thursday, February 2, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

I think my  Triathlon Training posts need some focus - a form - something to make them more consistent. So this will hopefully be the Thursday format for the future. Let me know what you think.

There are 8 weeks to Nautica South Beach and 15 weeks to Florida Half Ironman.

I feel like I'm close to ready for the Nautica race in terms of finishing the distance. I feel scared out of my mind about the Florida 70.3 distance.

Training Notes
I swam yesterday 1600 yards. The pool was crowded. I call this the ING effect. Seriously almost all endurance folks are training for the 1/2 or full marathon at the end of January and once that's done it's Whammo into the pool for tri training for Nautica and other tris.

I squeezed myself in between two folks and did my own workout. I got a new silicone swim cap. I love it. LOVE it. How did I live without a silicone swim cap? So soft and easy to put on and off.  In other news my goggles are a mess. The seal is bent from living in the swim bag and I had to stop during my warm up to bend it back a few times.
My new trainer tire. I have successfully changed it twice ... I know, I'm a bike savant.

I did my Tuesday morning spin class. It was tough. I feel that I need to increase my biking mileage. That's that. 

I also need to clean my bike chain. After this blog post I'm off to the bike store - kiddo in tow to get supplies. I will document said chain cleaning with photographs because it's bound to be entertaining. Also here's a Good tip: I have learned that nail polish remover takes bike grease off your skin.  I learned it at the nail salon when getting my toes pampered and I had remnant bike grease on the top of my foot (don't ask) the nail technician saw it and nonchalantly swiped it off with nail polish remover. I was amazed.

I did not run the 1/2 marathon because I was doing my other job, blogging  parenting. :-) My daughter competed in her first Gymnastics competition this week. Watch the video of balance beam cuteness above if you have a minute.

I probably have lost some run fitness after the NY marathon try as I might not to. But to be honest I still feel okay about it. With all three sports I feel like I'm not running much so I did squeeze in a recovery run for 30 mins Monday. That definitely helped the spin class the next day.

General Observations and Goals for the upcoming week
Other bloggers I know posted their monthly totals for January. I saw that and went and looked and learned that my log keeping is pathetic. I will try to keep a better record of what I'm doing.

My other goal for this upcoming week is to get back to the masters swimming gig at least once a week.  

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  1. First things first - that gymnastics thing is very impressive. It's hard to believe that's the same little girl I know :)

    Keep at it, sounds like you're doing great. Is the Nautica race an Olympic?