Thursday, February 16, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

There are 6 weeks until Nautica South Beach and 13 weeks until 70.3 Florida.  That's less than 100 days until 70.3 Florida, just so you know.

Training Notes
Swimming: I swam in the bay last Saturday morning. It was chilly. I wore my wetsuit. There were no jellyfish or sharks or apparent sewage in the water. That's all good.

It was a short-short-short swim. To the first buoy and back and then chat a bit and then repeat. It was fine although I did wish for a rest toward the end so my fitness is not all the way there yet.

I have also completed my longest swim set to date in the pool so I am making progress and I feel okay about this part of the training.

As promised I did video my swimming. I'm going to try to get an underwater  video maybe tonight since I'll be there with a friend. I am also trying to work on my kick because in the triathlons definitely keeping your legs fresh is super important so figuring out the slow 2-beat kick would be a good idea.

Biking: This week there was a bad cycling accident out on Key Biscayne. So I have that on my mind. I always think that I'm fortunate it's not me.

I am most nervous about the biking portion of the upcoming events. The reason is that I think it's my weakest segment but even though I know that I'm not sure I'm doing enough to really improve a lot on that portion.

My longest ride recently is under 30 miles so that's got to get higher and soon. I rode by myself on Sunday in the afternoon. It was chilly but nice.
all bundled up for my afternoon ride.

Part of my ride overlapped the Tour de Cure course (which I didn't do) but I loved the little signs all over. Of course they put the signs up and they are still up in some places because nobody took them down. That is, after all, the problem with signs.

I also did 60 minutes on the trainer Tuesday morning. That's pretty hard. I watched the first episode of Downtown Abbey. I don't get all the fuss over the show to be honest.

This weekend I'll be out of town and I actually hope to ride part of the Haines City course if I'm close enough.

I am also bike shopping for a new stallion to be in the garage. When I bought my first bike I knew nothing. So I went to a bike shop that I trusted and picked my color and that was it.

I'm shopping for a Tri bike this time. Florida is pretty flat and the local races tend to be mostly flat non-technical courses. There is also the rumor that the tri bikes leave your legs in better shape for the run. While not everyone agrees with that if it's right it's worth it in my opinion.This time around I know just enough to hang myself with questions. So, I've been to two shops and next week I'm going to start actually riding some bikes and see how I feel. Stay tuned for details as the bike shopping progresses.

Opinions are of course always welcome.

Running: I am of course most comfortable with the runs in these events. While that's true I did have a run workout that I totally flunked this week. It was a tempo run and I was supposed to hit 9:02 for 3 miles and I didn't even get there once. I did 9:11, 10:09 and 10:07. So - mega frustrating.

General Observations and Goals for Next Week

Total random tidbit ** last night was a Team Hammerhead meeting with Gary Fahey the Total Immersion coach speaking. He estimated that during a half Ironman swim you might take 1900 strokes. That seems like a lot doesn't it? ** end of random tidbit.

My goals for next week are to test ride one new bike and to buy a new pair of shoes for the track workout I expect for Wednesday. I also am going to count my strokes today in the pool for one length and also time myself for one 100 just as a sort of benchmark kind of thing. 


  1. I always think it's fun to watch someone else swim. I, of course, have no idea what I look like.

    1900 strokes seems high, I'd be surprised if I did 1500, but I have been told I have a pretty long stroke.

  2. Funny because I of course know exactly what you look like swimming :-) I meant to count my strokes yesterday but I was distracted by dodging a man floating on a noodle. Which was pretty funny.