Thursday, February 23, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

There are 5 weeks until Nautica South Beach and 12 until Florida 70.3.

Training Notes
I already did a separate post for the whole Sunday ride that I did in Haines City so there won't be a repeat of that here. I trained for seven and a half hours last week.

Swimming is progressing nicely. I swam my longest swim yet with my buddy Mel at a local pool where the main challenges were:
  • swimming in a straight line as there were no lane lines
  • avoiding the occasional middle-aged man bobbing in my lane on his noodle inexplicably.
  • keeping count when every time I hit the wall the old lady leading the noodle bobbing class was saying 45, 46, 47 on a loud speaker. 
  • my goggles were also breaking so that was an actual issue - the others were just funny.
It was nice to swim with somebody else. Not that I'm not feeling a friendship growing with the old man who is always swimming at LA fitness but he's not a friend so much as a constant presence.

I did buy new goggles. Aquasphere Lady Kayennes. They worked today and didn't leave big goggle marks on my face. So far, so good. I could even read my watch through the goggles although that will probably end after I swim this weekend in salt water.

I also picked up a pre-swim treatment for my hair. My highlights have lightened from the chlorine and I think I look ridiculous because the ends have gotten way too light. My mother-in-law said, "You're soooo blonde!" ack! It wasn't even on purpose and my roots are so not blonde. Hopefully it helps.

Biked on my own Sunday. Details will not be repeated here. And did a trainer session Tuesday morning which was bizarre because I was being hit by a stomach bug but I didn't really know it yet. I learned that it's hard to tell the difference between hard training and oncoming nausea. Eventually it becomes clear that it's beyond your control. I literally cut my run short and spent the rest of the day in bed. It was yucky. No more details are needed.

Did my solo run in Orlando Saturday morning. It was early because I had to be back for the character breakfast at 8.  8 miles in the middle of nowhere. Actually not nowhere but sandwiched between two big roads in the land of intermittent sidewalk and gigantic ant hills.  Sidewalk for 200 feet, grass for 200 feet - dodging ant hills in the eerie illumination of the flickering streetlights. 
I'm not an Orlando fan. Although my kids love it. LOVE it!
Also, I saw an oposum. That was fun.
I was closer than this seems and just after this he/she/it heard the fake iphone shutter sound and zipped off in a hurry.
Yesterday was a track workout at Tropical Park. It was fine - that's mostly because we only did 1/3 of the workout because coach Frank and his wife were checking into the hospital to have their baby after practice. No complaints here. Although I only figured out how to really track my 800 times the third and final one we did but that's okay I'll remember for next time. Turn off the auto lap. Turn off the auto lap.

General Observations and Goals for next week
 I did not complete many of last weeks goals. But I did actually count my strokes today in the pool - 19. Ha! That's exactly what Gary Fahey said he'd expect from most of us gals in the room. Gals is my word not his. 

I am going to keep my goal of test driving a bike. I wanted to do it today but my stomach is not working with me. Grumble Rumble Grumble. Making me think I'm not totally over whatever this stomach thing is. Also, I still need shoes :-) So the goals stay the goals. Bike tryouts, running shoes and of course, do all the workouts.

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