Friday, March 30, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - Nautica South Beach Raceweek

Ahem ... so I know that this is going up on Friday. It's okay I'm just a little late. It's been a busy week.

So I haven't raced anything since December. This week I'm jumping in with both feet racing the International Distance at Nautica South Beach.

After not hearing anything from the Nautica folks for months they are now sending 1-2 emails a day. Sheesh ... I preferred radio silence actually.

I get at least one email a day from a wetsuit company or a local tri store that they have wetsuits in stock ... ummm Hellloo ... the water is at least 78 degrees and the air is 80 so a wetsuit is I think a little excessive. Then again last year I ran out to get one to  have it for a sprint that was I think in April. But now as a seasoned veteran (hee hee hee hee hee) I can look back and remember that race was also not wetsuit legal. My wetsuit is staying in the closet. Instead I'm running around looking for jellyfish repellant ... no I didn't make that up.

In other news Nautica related the only packet pickup is Saturday from 1-5. WTF? Our local tris that have less than 1/3 the participants have days and days of packet pickup. It's so convenient. That's partly because the bike store is practically on my street. And this is not convenient at all. When I told my husband he was like ... well when else? and I said no when else. He couldn't imagine it. (those who know my husband will know that he actually asked me about 3 more times before we moved on) I actually read today in one of the emails that I got from Nautica that I could pick up my packet at 5:30 am race day. But even I know I'll be much too nervous to leave it to then so even if it's a hassle I'll pick it up Saturday afternoon.

Also this week I learned that my coach doesn't believe in tapering. I was thinking I'd have an easy breasy schedule ... not so much really. Although I am skipping today's swim.

We swam on South Beach last weekend. It was a good thing to calm my nerves about swimming in the Ocean versus the bay. It was nice. The water was calm (not Key Biscayne calm but good) swimming over the swells was no problem. and just overall pretty great. Two of the people we swam with got sea lice so that was no fun for them but I'm feeling lucky because I didn't get them. Here's hoping my luck holds out this weekend.

We practiced these dolphin jumpy things to get into the surf ... I felt really silly doing them so I'll practice again this weekend and then we'll see if I have the mojo to actually do it race day.

What I didn't do is swim a mile non-stop. So whatever -  that will be a new thing on race day. I am a little (read: a lot) nervous about this but I just need to trust my training. I pretty regularly do 2200 or more per swim workout so that should equal that I can do this. I'm not going to try to power through it because that would be silly and I know I'm not prepared for that.

As for the race.  My strategy is nice and easy. As for the start I'm going to use my plan to start on the side and back and let the "crazies" out before me. The purpose of this is totally to prevent anxiety at the start of the swim and also to prevent going out too fast. Then my plan is to just concentrate on my form and go stroke by stroke.

I covered the long ride in another post. As a quick follow-up. I have been starving all week. Just eating everything in sight including my regular healthy eats (carrots, veggies, fruits, lean meats) and milk shakes and chocolate cookies and anything else not quick enough to get out of my reach before I shove it into my mouth. I think this is a residual effect of the long ride.  The only reason I mention this is that it has occurred to me that there is going to need to be a little more planning as the mileage gets longer to make sure that I get enough calories.

As I was mowing through my second breakfast of the day a thought flew through my mind that I bet my sister-in-law is cooking up a storm to keep my brother and her sister fed lately. 

Last minute trip to the bike shop when I saw this ! Eek ... that's against the rules. Also please ignore the dirt and notice my new cool grip tape.

Running - Subtitle: race apparel
they look fast ... right!

I think my new shoes make me faster. Okay probably not but I like them because they are red. They don't really go with my pink bike socks but I'll have to work that out - I think black socks will be best. I'm debuting the Team Hammerhead one peice trisuit which is blue. New apparel for a new race season. I affectionately call it my smurf suit. I did actually wear it for training last week so I know it works and didn't fall off or anything. Also I didn't have to keep tugging on the top which is what happens in my two piece trisuits. So that's good.

Yesterday I did 5.5 miles. It wasn't easy peasy so who knows what I'll do on race day. Who knows ... that pretty sums up my strategy.

Final thoughts before race day. This will the be largest triathlon that I've ever done. 3000 participants although most are doing the sprint so we'll see if it feels that big on the bike course ... where I will be just ahead of the cuttoff car :-) 

Keeping it positive I'm looking forward to the fun that comes with a large event. In other words I'm thinking of it like the corporate run :-)

Okay this post is
  1.  late, 
  2. long and missing photos, 
  3. totally about me and therefore not so interesting to those who aren't ... well, me
  4. most likely really boring. 
So thanks for those who stuck it out and read it. After this will be a long overdue post about my veggie adventures (woot woot) and also I have to face the race schedule and figure out what in the world I'm doing with my race season for the rest of the year. :-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Snowbird Century by Everglades Bike Club

It was not my longest ride ... but close. My longest bike ride was 66 miles. Last year. But yesterday was 62 miles and that's plenty long.

It was an event called the Snowbird Century put on by the Everglades Bicycle Club. I had heard about it last year and I really wanted to try it.

I rode with my training group including Coach Frank. As a group we registered for the Metric Century which is 62 miles.

I am decidedly the weakest cyclist in the group but they are very good about keeping me with them.

Packet Pick-up
Packet Pick up was at Mack Cycle - my home away from home lately. I feel like I'm there every day or at least once a week. I'm not actually kidding.

I had added the aerodrink gizmo the week before and this week I added the bracket to hold it correctly. It did actually make a big difference in how easy it was to get to the straw so it was a good addition. Also different from last week I had Gatorade - not water in there. So it was calories on the go.

I feel like at this point I add something new for every ride. It's kind of funny actually but maybe that's just the way biking is.

The "packet" was actually  just a wrist band. And a beer coozie. But it went super smoothly.
I forgot to buy ice. So I went old school and made some in ice cube trays. We have well water in the house so our fridge ice tastes icky to me. I know I'm silly but it works for me.

62 miles takes some planning even if it's a supported ride. Here are my 3 water bottles ready to go and the "packet" aka wrist band to show that I'm registered.

The Main Event
It started at the Homestead Air Force Base. We planned to meet at 6:45. Having never been there I looked up directions. Then of course, before the last step I was pretty sure the directions were wrong. So, I ignored them and meandered a bit. Then I re-looked them up at the side of the road and backtracked because the directions were, of course, correct. I was just impatient.

It was dark dark dark out and I couldn't even see the street signs. I found the park and was just aimlessly driving around - semi lost. I actually called Frank and said, "I'm here but haven't found my way in yet so don't leave without me." He was lost too so all was good. Eventually I saw a car with a bike on the back driving with purpose and I followed them. They led me into the park and voila there was a big Everglades Bicycle Club sign. Ha!

We all met up at the "big tree". I thought of my sister-in-law and the country directions ... turn left at the car, right at the barn except the barn isn't there anymore :-). Before the start there was a last minute tire change for a fellow cyclist. It wasn't me.
that's the big tree behind coach frank.

The start was uneventful. There were I guess about 1000 cyclists but there was no crowding or jostling or anything.
Everybody getting together for the start.
Required self-portrait at the start. Notice the arm coolers that I wear mostly to keep my pasty white arms out of the sun.

It was a beautiful morning. It's a rural route. We saw fields, fields and more fields but also a great sunrise, a hot air balloon and more fields.

The course was clear of most traffic. The maps were good. The support was great. It was fun to see all the cyclists out there. It was well organized and everybody was having a good time.

The first 24 or so miles were great. We stopped at the first rest stop for a flat tire change (perfect timing) visited the porta potty, at a banana and refilled my water. It felt fast but I was okay keeping up.

And then I got tired. Halfway was another stop. I think coach Frank wouldn't have stopped since we had stopped earlier except the course literally went through the rest stop so we stopped and ate and stuff. It is really nice to have the support stops on a long ride like this. Usually we stop at stores but this was fun to have food out and water coolers and people to chat with all doing the same thing. The food was just fruit and granola bars and pretzels but it was great.

Then the wind picked up a little bit. I was keeping up but struggling. I was behind a girl who is even more petite than me and at an intersection I actually thought I have got to find somebody bigger to be behind for some help. Luckily for me there was another flat with about 15 miles to go. I was thankful for the rest. The last 15-20 miles I only made it by drafting behind coach Frank. I also had the help of Gabe also in front helping to block the wind and Kika behind me to make sure I didn't fall behind.

The good news is that the average when we were moving was 19.5 mph or so. Total time on the bike 4:05 including stops. Yikes that's fast for me. My legs were toast when we finished.

We finished with a 15 minute shake out run. And then Mexican food for lunch. I changed out of my bike shorts at the restaurant which was possibly the greatest thing ever and I do like my bike shorts but oh boy I was happy to take them off.

On the way home I bought a bag of ice and after my shower did the ice bath routine. My young assistants were more than happy to dump the bag of ice on me. They thought that was very funny. They also tried to get into the water (too cold ... also very funny) And then I quickly drained the tub before they began tossing the remaining ice around. Little maniacs!

I also did the foam roller and stretched and today I feel fine. I did wake up at 6:30 pretty hungry.

Luckily today is a rest day :-) 

Wrap Up
So, it was a great day. I am proud of what I did.

I did stop to think that for a 70.3 you have to do almost that distance with no drafting. Yikes! And then run the 13.1 miles.  Yikes! again. So, while I might be able to knock that out by myself it would not be easy and I'm not sure I would make the cut off times if I did it today. That's my way of saying that if I miss Florida 70.3 (which I most likely will) the extra time to train will be a bonus. In other words, I've found my silver lining.

Next up Nautica Olympic. Eek. I'm pretty sure I'm ready but the swim makes me nervous. The swim always makes me nervous.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

It's  1 week from this Sunday till Nautica so I'm just about as ready as I'll ever be.

Swimming - Swimming is going well. I do 2000 - 2500 yds twice a week in an hour.  I've also started ranking the swim days by the number of sneezes that follow my dip in the pool. Monday was a 4 sneeze morning so I think that the pool had some major funk going on. Today is so far a 2 sneezer - not so bad. During today's swim the guy in the lane next to me was fast. Just fast. He had a great looking stroke - I was jealous.

This Saturday I plan to do the "nerves swim" after my run. Which is to say I'll do a mile on the key straight to settle my nerves that I'm ready for the Nautica swim. Except of course that Nautica is an ocean swim so there will be a little more surf ... here's hoping for no breeze. This will be my first ocean swim in a race. EEEEK!

Biking -  Biking is progressing. Sunday's Long ride has had it's own update so I won't say much here. I know I'm faster in the pack now but whether that will translate into being faster by myself during the race we have yet to see.

The cadence sensor is very helpful because I have a measurement to say okay I should be pedaling faster than this.

Last night I did a trainer session. For the first 45 minutes it seemed crazy hard. Then I got out and looked and sure enough the brake was rubbing on one side. The last 15 minutes were soooo much easier. Although I did feel sort of silly that it took me 45 minutes to figure this out.

Running - I picked up new kicks today after the pool. They are red which I'm pretty sure will make me faster. I'm pretty sure I had a pair just like this when I was three. Yes three years old. There is a picture of me when my brother had just been born and I'm in a pink dress and red sneakers. Not much has changed actually with my fashion sense. I am gonna try them out tonight.

Speaking of running Sunday after the long ride we did a short brick run. I fell in with a person who had a metronome and it was so helpful and I was much quicker without any more effort. Instead of just plodding along I just stepped when it beeped. I think this means I need to think about my cadence heading out for my runs and keep it where I know I should be. Last year I did a lot of working on running cadence so I think I can do that by feel if I think about it. If not then I'll have to get another annoying beeping gadget.

Goals and Observations. Well this is race Goal time. Last June I completed Trinona in 3:28:11 my goal will be to better that time. So 3:27 :) I have checked that with this time I will most likely not be last across the finish line. Here's the breakdown of how I think this will go Trinona v. Nautica

Swim: Trinona was a wetsuit lake swim 30:51. Nautica is an ocean swim and I don't think I'll wear my wetsuit because it's very warm here already and I am a slowpoke getting out of the wetsuit thus making the net benefit zero. I have no idea what my swim time will be. I was thrilled with my 30 minute time from Trinona so hopefully the same or better.

T1: Trinona 4:32 I hope to better this because of the no wetsuit plan. However this race has 3000 participants so I may get lost in transition.

Bike: Trinona 1:49:26 Honestly I was the second to last person off the bike. Trinona has a giant beast of a hill. Nautica does not have a beast of a hill. Hopefully that and all the extra time I've spent working on the bike will translate into a faster bike split for me. What I need to do on the bike is ... go faster. I tend to just zone out and pedal and if I can focus a bit it will be better.

T2: Trinona 2:27 - Nautica is a big race. I will just do the best I can. Usually my transitions are okay so I'll just stick with that. I do plan to douse myself with any leftover water in transition because I'm anticipating a hot, hot, hot run.

Run: Trinona 1:00:54 the run was flat and shady. The Nautica run will be flat but HOT. I start at 6:50 (if they go on time) so it will be maybe 9:30 when I start the run and easily 83 degrees. I'd love to better this time by just a bit :-) Taking those 54 seconds off would make me happy.

Photos: Of course I'll take photos. Sheesh what did you think :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So many new things on the bike

If you read my blog you know that my intention is to buy a new tri bike. That hasn't happened yet. But meanwhile the trusty blue steed got lots of new things this week.

First I was out on vacation so she got a tune up including shiny new white grip tape. She looks excellent. Also a new chain and a solid cleaning. The whole chain/cassette area was shiny and clean and looked like a new bike. Oh yeah - and new socks. Pink - hot pink. They say "hottie" on them which I think is funny.
Notice the nice clean grip tape and they put some on the aerobars and that's very nice. I picked the super fancy squishy type which I'm sure will make me faster :-)

Can you see how clean this is? And this is after my 50 mile ride. Before it was even more sparkly. The chain is new and it was also so clean I thought it had no grease on it. Yes, of course, I had to touch it to be sure.

Also, after last weeks trainer session where I had no idea what I was doing I ordered a cadence sensor. For some reason this GSC10 is $20 cheaper on Amazon than on so just fyi. I read the instructions about 15 times and then clipped the gizmo in place. Pretty simple really but I happen to think Garmin writes pretty darn crappy instructions. Newsflash a picture of the finished item would have been super helpful.

Here is the cadence gizmo. It's going to be helpful I think. At first I had no idea what I was looking at ... kindof like the first time you watch your heart rate. But then my training pal Marty gave me some advice ... which I may have already forgotten but at the time it seemed to make sense and be helpful.
And I got the profile design aerobar water bottle thing that everybody but me has.  Why would I do this? Well while I'm perfectly happy to get to my water bottle in the cage while riding solo I'm a little skittish in the group and I thought this would help. I feel like I'm gonna chip my tooth every time I go to get it but I think that will go away. This installation was pretty simple although I did learn in the directions that I actually need the bracket ... would have been good to know earlier but it worked fine. I'll pick that up this week.

Calories on the bike. The goal during today's bike ride was to concentrate on getting some more nutrition. I wouldn't have said that I had a problem with this in the past but maybe it was a problem I never knew I had. This is probably my 3rd or 4th 50 mile ride. My normal nutrition on this ride has been water and a bar or gu at the halfway point. I never felt too bad at the end. But coach Frank says I should try for 200-250 calories per hour on the bike. This ride was 3 hours and 15 minutes with a 10 minute stop in the middle so the goal would have been 600 calories. That's a huge amount of calories. HUGE. I obsessed about this for easily 2 days because I just really wasn't sure how to make that happen. It seems most folks drink their calories with things like Infinit (I don't know what that is). As my drink of choice on the bike was ice water that put me back to the drawing board.

So, in one of the water bottles I put Gatorade (red)- regular not G2 which I usually drink. I packed 2 honey stinger waffles (vanilla are delicious) and 2 Gus and a set of Gu chomp blocks. At stop lights I tried to drink from the Gatorade not water. Note to self put it in the front bottle cage. When you ride a peewee sized frame like mine the full sized insulated bottle doesn't fit in the front cage (fyi) and even the back cage is a tight fit so it's a tricky get while moving. During the ride I tried to get water from the aerobottle thingy - mostly unsuccessfully and most definitely ungracefully. I had trimmed the straw beforehand and I think now it's too short - oops.

At 45 minutes I gu'd. At the 1/2 way I ate my waffle and bought more Gatorade and water and refilled the Gatorade and topped off the waters. I finished the original Gatorade before filling up the bottle. 1/2 way home Meli reminded me to eat so I had so Gu shots but they were all stuck together and I only made it through 2 of the 4 I should have eaten. Either way. I felt much better on the way back and during the run after. So, I wouldn't have said I felt bad before but this was better so I'll keep working on it and see if I can increase it some more. I think I got 250 calories from the Gu's and waffle and I think I had probably 1 1/4 bottles of Gatorade which is maybe 150 calories so 400 total say when the goal was 600. Compared with the previous intake of 100 over 3 hours so an improvement for sure. But still room to go.

What does this mean for the upcoming Nautica race ... I'm not sure. I think it means have calories on the bike. In Trinona I Gu'd before the bike and maybe after or during I'll have to check and then make a plan and I'll let you know. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

Very short update - 2 weeks till Nautica. I am beginning to wish I had a shorter race for the first race but too late for that.

I've been on vacation in the Bahamas. I ran once. That's it. Didn't even take my watch. And I don't feel guilty. Luckily for me it's a recovery week. :-)

That is all. Back to your regular programming.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

Countdown: There are 3 weeks to Nautica South Beach Triathlon ... what ... only 3 weeks. Am I ready ... yes I believe I am. And I'm going to stop counting down to Florida 70.3 because I'm admitting that I'm 99.9 not doing that race due to family obligation. drat. Yesterday I paid my daughters registration fees for her competition on that same day. Kids come first. Oh well, moving on.

Training Notes
Since I write this on Thursday I'm never sure what to put for my mileage on anything. I make it up as I go from week to week. That's probably not the best system. No big training headlines mileage wise but ... but ... but...

I did take a swim lesson yesterday from the Stroke Doctor. His name could be confusing if you didn't know he was talking about swimming. Which is to say you could think he was a medical doctor dealing with ... well, strokes. But he's not he's a swim coach.

I have done 2 open water clinics with him. Both fine. And I had heard amazing things from him. Most recently I heard testimonials from two people who I had seen swim ... and they are speedy and I learned that they had both done lessons with him. I guess then I realized he was working with not just beginner swimmers because I can swim so whenever I'm in a swim clinic I'm sort of pushed aside with the group that needs no help. I had been plodding along thinking other than manning up and going to masters swimming there was no hope for me.

I knew going into this lesson that my body position could be better. My feet are low in the water.  But I keep my head down. Or I thought I did so I didn't know what else to do. Also I'm totally one sided. I can breathe to the left but I hate it. And lastly no matter how fit I seem to get I feel like I have to breath every stroke. Also I can't seem to figure out how to kick slower.

So, those are/were my issues. It's a bit of a weird sensation to have a swimming lesson as an adult. He had me swim and recorded me and that was normal. Then we did a floating drill and he pulled me along by my wrists. I've seen teachers do this with my kids and I've even done it with kids as a teacher and I presume it was done to me when I learned to swim. But I almost snorted water up my nose laughing at how ridiculous it felt when I was doing it myself. Also apparently some people freak with this because he started by saying, "okay now I'm going to touch your wrists."

Nonetheless he maneuvered me into the right spot where my legs were balanced and I felt ... wait for it ... like I was swimming downhill. I hope I can replicate it on my own in the pool because there was a big difference. Extra bonus my kick all of a sudden slowed on it's own. Also he fixed my breathing issue. Newsflash ... one need not exhale continuously. All of a sudden I was breathing every 4 strokes with no issue.

So those two things I got pretty quickly. Also, he pointed out I could time my breath earlier and work on reaching more as I breathe versus pushing down. This is when it got to be one too many things to think about all at the same time. Good thing I wasn't also tracking how many laps I'd swum. But overall it was a success. Will it make me faster ... time will tell.

Oh and this lesson was at 5:00 am and I got my lazy butt out of bed to go. So about those excuses for Masters Swimming. Yup those are now defunct. I've gotta find a new excuse. Or I guess I could go. Huh ...

In other news. I skipped Sunday's training ride. And the Tuesday training ride on the trainer was confusing. It had sprint intervals of 15 minutes, 12 minutes and 10 minutes. I have no idea how fast I go on the trainer so I did my best and during a rest easy spin between intervals I ordered the cadence sensor from Amazon. Thank goodness for online shopping.

General Training Notes:
I did test drive bikes this week. There was a Felt Demo truck at RB Cycles in Coral Gables. And I went there and fell in love with the bikes. Sadly all the ones they have are too big for me. But that has not stopped my heart from going pitter pat for these machines. So, here are the front runners. Place your votes in the comments and I will read them and then probably pick the pink one or the red one. :-)

This is the B10 - which is the 2011 B12 with Shimano di2 components (ahem electronic shifting ... sweet!) And it's red. I haven't ridden this one.

Felt b12. This is a great bike. I rode the 51 frame which is probably a tad too big for me but it worked and I loved it. It has the vision shifting which is push button on the top super cool. Sadly this bike is green. Honestly if it was pink I may have ordered it on the spot.

This is the DA4w. It's the most beautiful bike I may have ever seen. I rode the 50 frame and it was much too large because the seat was too high. Nonetheless this thing is super cool and fast. I love it. The picture does not do it justice. However the felt rep recommended that I find one to try in my size to try. Helloooo you should so keep a peewee bike in your truck for little people like me I mean this is Miami I'm tall for here. That last part is a joke ... sort of.
Goals for the next week are to try to maintain some kind of routine while we're on Spring Break. Oh and pull the trigger on one of these 2-wheeled machines. I am a slow shopper.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - and February Recap

First let's do the February Recap
     Swim 14,400 yds 7.92 hours
     Bike   101.64 miles 11 hours*
     Run    57.53 miles for 12.79 hours
     Brick  1.5 hours*

* Okay so the bike is a little off because there are a few trainer/spin sessions in there where only the time is counted not miles. Also, I don't know what this brick business is exactly probably 3 runs off the bike for 30 mins each.

Not too shabby I think. Self praise is definitely the way to go here. I'm pretty sure of it.

Countdown: There are 4 weeks to Nautica and 11 until Florida 70.3 although the chances of me making that race are slim due to the never ending but delightful and personally enriching gymnastics competitions.

Training Notes:
Swimming is going well.

I have two open water swims under my belt for the season and I haven't been eaten by a shark. That's always good. If you're reading this from outside Miami - that's a little bit of a joke because there have been 3 sharks caught by shark fishermen near to the beach where I swim. One bull shark and two hammerheads. A little freaky but actually pretty easy to keep out of my mind even when I'm swimming in my seal look-a-like suit because the water is still chilly.

I also did my longest set in the pool today of 3500 yards. Yikes! But I did it.

For this week's swimming humor let me share with you the story of the naked man in the pool today. Actually, he wasn't naked but he looked naked to me when I popped up out of the water and looked over at him bending over to get something out of his bag. AACK! After I removed my goggles (be honest ... you would too) I could actually see his swimsuit ... sort of. I could more clearly see his hairy butt EWWW! Followed by the Full Monty when he turned around to get back in the water. AACK! MY EYES ... why does he not notice that we can all see his business?!? His previously white?pink?red? striped speedo suit had gone transparent on him - totally transparent. This caused me to turn away ... because I wanted to stop seeing his supposed to be private business ... and then laugh because I think it's funny to see someone naked where they shouldn't be especially if they don't even know it.

But there is a valuable lesson in here too. Always and only go with black swimsuits - at least a black liner ... same as bike shorts black only. It's a rule somewhere - I swear it - if not it should be, because I say so.

Did a huge long ride with the group on Sunday. 50 Miles.

Not too terribly fast which was good for me as I was one of the two slowpokes in the group. But I made it. The last 5 miles I was drafting off of a bigger guy. He would slow down for me and say, "ready?" and with conviction I would say "ready." But then I would learn as he sped up that um, no... I actually wasn't ready to go any faster. Oops. Dropped ... try again. We did that a few times and then luckily we were finished :-)

It also rained for about 15 minutes solid downpour on the way back and that's the first time I've ever ridden in the rain. It actually wasn't anywhere nearly as scary as I would have guessed.

So I feel better about the biking volume. Also I have a great head start on my zebra tan since even though I slathered 50spf on my legs my bike shorts gave me a super duper tan line. Ooh La La ... triathlon she is a sexy sport.

So the big news in running is that I had a good tempo run yesterday. Hit all the paces. It felt good. Hard but good. Coach had given me much slower paces than two weeks ago. Those were 9:02 this was 9:50. Much easier.

Also because I had felt so generally crappy trying this two weeks ago I drank ice water on the way to the run - carried a full fuel belt AND ate a Gu Energy Gel before starting. All helpful I think although honestly I didn't drink any water during the 3 tempo miles because I was too busy trying to hit the pace.

General Observations and Goals
Good grief I didn't buy new running shoes or try any bikes this week. What in the world is wrong here? Same goals - same goals. I did buy a new swimsuit ... ugliest ever. Red swirly things with a black liner (of course!) The old one was showing wear and tear ... and lesson to the naked guy ... I noticed and replaced it :-)