Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So many new things on the bike

If you read my blog you know that my intention is to buy a new tri bike. That hasn't happened yet. But meanwhile the trusty blue steed got lots of new things this week.

First I was out on vacation so she got a tune up including shiny new white grip tape. She looks excellent. Also a new chain and a solid cleaning. The whole chain/cassette area was shiny and clean and looked like a new bike. Oh yeah - and new socks. Pink - hot pink. They say "hottie" on them which I think is funny.
Notice the nice clean grip tape and they put some on the aerobars and that's very nice. I picked the super fancy squishy type which I'm sure will make me faster :-)

Can you see how clean this is? And this is after my 50 mile ride. Before it was even more sparkly. The chain is new and it was also so clean I thought it had no grease on it. Yes, of course, I had to touch it to be sure.

Also, after last weeks trainer session where I had no idea what I was doing I ordered a cadence sensor. For some reason this GSC10 is $20 cheaper on Amazon than on Garmin.com so just fyi. I read the instructions about 15 times and then clipped the gizmo in place. Pretty simple really but I happen to think Garmin writes pretty darn crappy instructions. Newsflash a picture of the finished item would have been super helpful.

Here is the cadence gizmo. It's going to be helpful I think. At first I had no idea what I was looking at ... kindof like the first time you watch your heart rate. But then my training pal Marty gave me some advice ... which I may have already forgotten but at the time it seemed to make sense and be helpful.
And I got the profile design aerobar water bottle thing that everybody but me has.  Why would I do this? Well while I'm perfectly happy to get to my water bottle in the cage while riding solo I'm a little skittish in the group and I thought this would help. I feel like I'm gonna chip my tooth every time I go to get it but I think that will go away. This installation was pretty simple although I did learn in the directions that I actually need the bracket ... would have been good to know earlier but it worked fine. I'll pick that up this week.

Calories on the bike. The goal during today's bike ride was to concentrate on getting some more nutrition. I wouldn't have said that I had a problem with this in the past but maybe it was a problem I never knew I had. This is probably my 3rd or 4th 50 mile ride. My normal nutrition on this ride has been water and a bar or gu at the halfway point. I never felt too bad at the end. But coach Frank says I should try for 200-250 calories per hour on the bike. This ride was 3 hours and 15 minutes with a 10 minute stop in the middle so the goal would have been 600 calories. That's a huge amount of calories. HUGE. I obsessed about this for easily 2 days because I just really wasn't sure how to make that happen. It seems most folks drink their calories with things like Infinit (I don't know what that is). As my drink of choice on the bike was ice water that put me back to the drawing board.

So, in one of the water bottles I put Gatorade (red)- regular not G2 which I usually drink. I packed 2 honey stinger waffles (vanilla are delicious) and 2 Gus and a set of Gu chomp blocks. At stop lights I tried to drink from the Gatorade not water. Note to self put it in the front bottle cage. When you ride a peewee sized frame like mine the full sized insulated bottle doesn't fit in the front cage (fyi) and even the back cage is a tight fit so it's a tricky get while moving. During the ride I tried to get water from the aerobottle thingy - mostly unsuccessfully and most definitely ungracefully. I had trimmed the straw beforehand and I think now it's too short - oops.

At 45 minutes I gu'd. At the 1/2 way I ate my waffle and bought more Gatorade and water and refilled the Gatorade and topped off the waters. I finished the original Gatorade before filling up the bottle. 1/2 way home Meli reminded me to eat so I had so Gu shots but they were all stuck together and I only made it through 2 of the 4 I should have eaten. Either way. I felt much better on the way back and during the run after. So, I wouldn't have said I felt bad before but this was better so I'll keep working on it and see if I can increase it some more. I think I got 250 calories from the Gu's and waffle and I think I had probably 1 1/4 bottles of Gatorade which is maybe 150 calories so 400 total say when the goal was 600. Compared with the previous intake of 100 over 3 hours so an improvement for sure. But still room to go.

What does this mean for the upcoming Nautica race ... I'm not sure. I think it means have calories on the bike. In Trinona I Gu'd before the bike and maybe after or during I'll have to check and then make a plan and I'll let you know. 

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