Thursday, March 1, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - and February Recap

First let's do the February Recap
     Swim 14,400 yds 7.92 hours
     Bike   101.64 miles 11 hours*
     Run    57.53 miles for 12.79 hours
     Brick  1.5 hours*

* Okay so the bike is a little off because there are a few trainer/spin sessions in there where only the time is counted not miles. Also, I don't know what this brick business is exactly probably 3 runs off the bike for 30 mins each.

Not too shabby I think. Self praise is definitely the way to go here. I'm pretty sure of it.

Countdown: There are 4 weeks to Nautica and 11 until Florida 70.3 although the chances of me making that race are slim due to the never ending but delightful and personally enriching gymnastics competitions.

Training Notes:
Swimming is going well.

I have two open water swims under my belt for the season and I haven't been eaten by a shark. That's always good. If you're reading this from outside Miami - that's a little bit of a joke because there have been 3 sharks caught by shark fishermen near to the beach where I swim. One bull shark and two hammerheads. A little freaky but actually pretty easy to keep out of my mind even when I'm swimming in my seal look-a-like suit because the water is still chilly.

I also did my longest set in the pool today of 3500 yards. Yikes! But I did it.

For this week's swimming humor let me share with you the story of the naked man in the pool today. Actually, he wasn't naked but he looked naked to me when I popped up out of the water and looked over at him bending over to get something out of his bag. AACK! After I removed my goggles (be honest ... you would too) I could actually see his swimsuit ... sort of. I could more clearly see his hairy butt EWWW! Followed by the Full Monty when he turned around to get back in the water. AACK! MY EYES ... why does he not notice that we can all see his business?!? His previously white?pink?red? striped speedo suit had gone transparent on him - totally transparent. This caused me to turn away ... because I wanted to stop seeing his supposed to be private business ... and then laugh because I think it's funny to see someone naked where they shouldn't be especially if they don't even know it.

But there is a valuable lesson in here too. Always and only go with black swimsuits - at least a black liner ... same as bike shorts black only. It's a rule somewhere - I swear it - if not it should be, because I say so.

Did a huge long ride with the group on Sunday. 50 Miles.

Not too terribly fast which was good for me as I was one of the two slowpokes in the group. But I made it. The last 5 miles I was drafting off of a bigger guy. He would slow down for me and say, "ready?" and with conviction I would say "ready." But then I would learn as he sped up that um, no... I actually wasn't ready to go any faster. Oops. Dropped ... try again. We did that a few times and then luckily we were finished :-)

It also rained for about 15 minutes solid downpour on the way back and that's the first time I've ever ridden in the rain. It actually wasn't anywhere nearly as scary as I would have guessed.

So I feel better about the biking volume. Also I have a great head start on my zebra tan since even though I slathered 50spf on my legs my bike shorts gave me a super duper tan line. Ooh La La ... triathlon she is a sexy sport.

So the big news in running is that I had a good tempo run yesterday. Hit all the paces. It felt good. Hard but good. Coach had given me much slower paces than two weeks ago. Those were 9:02 this was 9:50. Much easier.

Also because I had felt so generally crappy trying this two weeks ago I drank ice water on the way to the run - carried a full fuel belt AND ate a Gu Energy Gel before starting. All helpful I think although honestly I didn't drink any water during the 3 tempo miles because I was too busy trying to hit the pace.

General Observations and Goals
Good grief I didn't buy new running shoes or try any bikes this week. What in the world is wrong here? Same goals - same goals. I did buy a new swimsuit ... ugliest ever. Red swirly things with a black liner (of course!) The old one was showing wear and tear ... and lesson to the naked guy ... I noticed and replaced it :-)

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  1. So are you not sure about Haines city? I saw the cyclist that rides around Lincoln road, coconut grove in the beige bikini. NASTIFIED!!!!!