Friday, March 30, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - Nautica South Beach Raceweek

Ahem ... so I know that this is going up on Friday. It's okay I'm just a little late. It's been a busy week.

So I haven't raced anything since December. This week I'm jumping in with both feet racing the International Distance at Nautica South Beach.

After not hearing anything from the Nautica folks for months they are now sending 1-2 emails a day. Sheesh ... I preferred radio silence actually.

I get at least one email a day from a wetsuit company or a local tri store that they have wetsuits in stock ... ummm Hellloo ... the water is at least 78 degrees and the air is 80 so a wetsuit is I think a little excessive. Then again last year I ran out to get one to  have it for a sprint that was I think in April. But now as a seasoned veteran (hee hee hee hee hee) I can look back and remember that race was also not wetsuit legal. My wetsuit is staying in the closet. Instead I'm running around looking for jellyfish repellant ... no I didn't make that up.

In other news Nautica related the only packet pickup is Saturday from 1-5. WTF? Our local tris that have less than 1/3 the participants have days and days of packet pickup. It's so convenient. That's partly because the bike store is practically on my street. And this is not convenient at all. When I told my husband he was like ... well when else? and I said no when else. He couldn't imagine it. (those who know my husband will know that he actually asked me about 3 more times before we moved on) I actually read today in one of the emails that I got from Nautica that I could pick up my packet at 5:30 am race day. But even I know I'll be much too nervous to leave it to then so even if it's a hassle I'll pick it up Saturday afternoon.

Also this week I learned that my coach doesn't believe in tapering. I was thinking I'd have an easy breasy schedule ... not so much really. Although I am skipping today's swim.

We swam on South Beach last weekend. It was a good thing to calm my nerves about swimming in the Ocean versus the bay. It was nice. The water was calm (not Key Biscayne calm but good) swimming over the swells was no problem. and just overall pretty great. Two of the people we swam with got sea lice so that was no fun for them but I'm feeling lucky because I didn't get them. Here's hoping my luck holds out this weekend.

We practiced these dolphin jumpy things to get into the surf ... I felt really silly doing them so I'll practice again this weekend and then we'll see if I have the mojo to actually do it race day.

What I didn't do is swim a mile non-stop. So whatever -  that will be a new thing on race day. I am a little (read: a lot) nervous about this but I just need to trust my training. I pretty regularly do 2200 or more per swim workout so that should equal that I can do this. I'm not going to try to power through it because that would be silly and I know I'm not prepared for that.

As for the race.  My strategy is nice and easy. As for the start I'm going to use my plan to start on the side and back and let the "crazies" out before me. The purpose of this is totally to prevent anxiety at the start of the swim and also to prevent going out too fast. Then my plan is to just concentrate on my form and go stroke by stroke.

I covered the long ride in another post. As a quick follow-up. I have been starving all week. Just eating everything in sight including my regular healthy eats (carrots, veggies, fruits, lean meats) and milk shakes and chocolate cookies and anything else not quick enough to get out of my reach before I shove it into my mouth. I think this is a residual effect of the long ride.  The only reason I mention this is that it has occurred to me that there is going to need to be a little more planning as the mileage gets longer to make sure that I get enough calories.

As I was mowing through my second breakfast of the day a thought flew through my mind that I bet my sister-in-law is cooking up a storm to keep my brother and her sister fed lately. 

Last minute trip to the bike shop when I saw this ! Eek ... that's against the rules. Also please ignore the dirt and notice my new cool grip tape.

Running - Subtitle: race apparel
they look fast ... right!

I think my new shoes make me faster. Okay probably not but I like them because they are red. They don't really go with my pink bike socks but I'll have to work that out - I think black socks will be best. I'm debuting the Team Hammerhead one peice trisuit which is blue. New apparel for a new race season. I affectionately call it my smurf suit. I did actually wear it for training last week so I know it works and didn't fall off or anything. Also I didn't have to keep tugging on the top which is what happens in my two piece trisuits. So that's good.

Yesterday I did 5.5 miles. It wasn't easy peasy so who knows what I'll do on race day. Who knows ... that pretty sums up my strategy.

Final thoughts before race day. This will the be largest triathlon that I've ever done. 3000 participants although most are doing the sprint so we'll see if it feels that big on the bike course ... where I will be just ahead of the cuttoff car :-) 

Keeping it positive I'm looking forward to the fun that comes with a large event. In other words I'm thinking of it like the corporate run :-)

Okay this post is
  1.  late, 
  2. long and missing photos, 
  3. totally about me and therefore not so interesting to those who aren't ... well, me
  4. most likely really boring. 
So thanks for those who stuck it out and read it. After this will be a long overdue post about my veggie adventures (woot woot) and also I have to face the race schedule and figure out what in the world I'm doing with my race season for the rest of the year. :-)


  1. Cool shoes!

    I take it you didn't get a new bike :)

  2. Nice kicks! I think your race schedule should include 6-8 weeks in mn, but that's just my opinion. :)

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