Thursday, March 8, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

Countdown: There are 3 weeks to Nautica South Beach Triathlon ... what ... only 3 weeks. Am I ready ... yes I believe I am. And I'm going to stop counting down to Florida 70.3 because I'm admitting that I'm 99.9 not doing that race due to family obligation. drat. Yesterday I paid my daughters registration fees for her competition on that same day. Kids come first. Oh well, moving on.

Training Notes
Since I write this on Thursday I'm never sure what to put for my mileage on anything. I make it up as I go from week to week. That's probably not the best system. No big training headlines mileage wise but ... but ... but...

I did take a swim lesson yesterday from the Stroke Doctor. His name could be confusing if you didn't know he was talking about swimming. Which is to say you could think he was a medical doctor dealing with ... well, strokes. But he's not he's a swim coach.

I have done 2 open water clinics with him. Both fine. And I had heard amazing things from him. Most recently I heard testimonials from two people who I had seen swim ... and they are speedy and I learned that they had both done lessons with him. I guess then I realized he was working with not just beginner swimmers because I can swim so whenever I'm in a swim clinic I'm sort of pushed aside with the group that needs no help. I had been plodding along thinking other than manning up and going to masters swimming there was no hope for me.

I knew going into this lesson that my body position could be better. My feet are low in the water.  But I keep my head down. Or I thought I did so I didn't know what else to do. Also I'm totally one sided. I can breathe to the left but I hate it. And lastly no matter how fit I seem to get I feel like I have to breath every stroke. Also I can't seem to figure out how to kick slower.

So, those are/were my issues. It's a bit of a weird sensation to have a swimming lesson as an adult. He had me swim and recorded me and that was normal. Then we did a floating drill and he pulled me along by my wrists. I've seen teachers do this with my kids and I've even done it with kids as a teacher and I presume it was done to me when I learned to swim. But I almost snorted water up my nose laughing at how ridiculous it felt when I was doing it myself. Also apparently some people freak with this because he started by saying, "okay now I'm going to touch your wrists."

Nonetheless he maneuvered me into the right spot where my legs were balanced and I felt ... wait for it ... like I was swimming downhill. I hope I can replicate it on my own in the pool because there was a big difference. Extra bonus my kick all of a sudden slowed on it's own. Also he fixed my breathing issue. Newsflash ... one need not exhale continuously. All of a sudden I was breathing every 4 strokes with no issue.

So those two things I got pretty quickly. Also, he pointed out I could time my breath earlier and work on reaching more as I breathe versus pushing down. This is when it got to be one too many things to think about all at the same time. Good thing I wasn't also tracking how many laps I'd swum. But overall it was a success. Will it make me faster ... time will tell.

Oh and this lesson was at 5:00 am and I got my lazy butt out of bed to go. So about those excuses for Masters Swimming. Yup those are now defunct. I've gotta find a new excuse. Or I guess I could go. Huh ...

In other news. I skipped Sunday's training ride. And the Tuesday training ride on the trainer was confusing. It had sprint intervals of 15 minutes, 12 minutes and 10 minutes. I have no idea how fast I go on the trainer so I did my best and during a rest easy spin between intervals I ordered the cadence sensor from Amazon. Thank goodness for online shopping.

General Training Notes:
I did test drive bikes this week. There was a Felt Demo truck at RB Cycles in Coral Gables. And I went there and fell in love with the bikes. Sadly all the ones they have are too big for me. But that has not stopped my heart from going pitter pat for these machines. So, here are the front runners. Place your votes in the comments and I will read them and then probably pick the pink one or the red one. :-)

This is the B10 - which is the 2011 B12 with Shimano di2 components (ahem electronic shifting ... sweet!) And it's red. I haven't ridden this one.

Felt b12. This is a great bike. I rode the 51 frame which is probably a tad too big for me but it worked and I loved it. It has the vision shifting which is push button on the top super cool. Sadly this bike is green. Honestly if it was pink I may have ordered it on the spot.

This is the DA4w. It's the most beautiful bike I may have ever seen. I rode the 50 frame and it was much too large because the seat was too high. Nonetheless this thing is super cool and fast. I love it. The picture does not do it justice. However the felt rep recommended that I find one to try in my size to try. Helloooo you should so keep a peewee bike in your truck for little people like me I mean this is Miami I'm tall for here. That last part is a joke ... sort of.
Goals for the next week are to try to maintain some kind of routine while we're on Spring Break. Oh and pull the trigger on one of these 2-wheeled machines. I am a slow shopper.

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  1. I can't wait to swim with the swim doctor! I'm a felt owner so anything feltish that you get is good in my bikes! I personally have heard great things about bike #1. But ask Chris. He knows his bike stuff! SEe you at track!