Thursday, March 22, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

It's  1 week from this Sunday till Nautica so I'm just about as ready as I'll ever be.

Swimming - Swimming is going well. I do 2000 - 2500 yds twice a week in an hour.  I've also started ranking the swim days by the number of sneezes that follow my dip in the pool. Monday was a 4 sneeze morning so I think that the pool had some major funk going on. Today is so far a 2 sneezer - not so bad. During today's swim the guy in the lane next to me was fast. Just fast. He had a great looking stroke - I was jealous.

This Saturday I plan to do the "nerves swim" after my run. Which is to say I'll do a mile on the key straight to settle my nerves that I'm ready for the Nautica swim. Except of course that Nautica is an ocean swim so there will be a little more surf ... here's hoping for no breeze. This will be my first ocean swim in a race. EEEEK!

Biking -  Biking is progressing. Sunday's Long ride has had it's own update so I won't say much here. I know I'm faster in the pack now but whether that will translate into being faster by myself during the race we have yet to see.

The cadence sensor is very helpful because I have a measurement to say okay I should be pedaling faster than this.

Last night I did a trainer session. For the first 45 minutes it seemed crazy hard. Then I got out and looked and sure enough the brake was rubbing on one side. The last 15 minutes were soooo much easier. Although I did feel sort of silly that it took me 45 minutes to figure this out.

Running - I picked up new kicks today after the pool. They are red which I'm pretty sure will make me faster. I'm pretty sure I had a pair just like this when I was three. Yes three years old. There is a picture of me when my brother had just been born and I'm in a pink dress and red sneakers. Not much has changed actually with my fashion sense. I am gonna try them out tonight.

Speaking of running Sunday after the long ride we did a short brick run. I fell in with a person who had a metronome and it was so helpful and I was much quicker without any more effort. Instead of just plodding along I just stepped when it beeped. I think this means I need to think about my cadence heading out for my runs and keep it where I know I should be. Last year I did a lot of working on running cadence so I think I can do that by feel if I think about it. If not then I'll have to get another annoying beeping gadget.

Goals and Observations. Well this is race Goal time. Last June I completed Trinona in 3:28:11 my goal will be to better that time. So 3:27 :) I have checked that with this time I will most likely not be last across the finish line. Here's the breakdown of how I think this will go Trinona v. Nautica

Swim: Trinona was a wetsuit lake swim 30:51. Nautica is an ocean swim and I don't think I'll wear my wetsuit because it's very warm here already and I am a slowpoke getting out of the wetsuit thus making the net benefit zero. I have no idea what my swim time will be. I was thrilled with my 30 minute time from Trinona so hopefully the same or better.

T1: Trinona 4:32 I hope to better this because of the no wetsuit plan. However this race has 3000 participants so I may get lost in transition.

Bike: Trinona 1:49:26 Honestly I was the second to last person off the bike. Trinona has a giant beast of a hill. Nautica does not have a beast of a hill. Hopefully that and all the extra time I've spent working on the bike will translate into a faster bike split for me. What I need to do on the bike is ... go faster. I tend to just zone out and pedal and if I can focus a bit it will be better.

T2: Trinona 2:27 - Nautica is a big race. I will just do the best I can. Usually my transitions are okay so I'll just stick with that. I do plan to douse myself with any leftover water in transition because I'm anticipating a hot, hot, hot run.

Run: Trinona 1:00:54 the run was flat and shady. The Nautica run will be flat but HOT. I start at 6:50 (if they go on time) so it will be maybe 9:30 when I start the run and easily 83 degrees. I'd love to better this time by just a bit :-) Taking those 54 seconds off would make me happy.

Photos: Of course I'll take photos. Sheesh what did you think :-)

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