Monday, April 9, 2012

Early morning swimming

This morning I got my lazy self out of bed and went to early swimming at Gulliver.

To be completely honest I have to give credit to Melissa who met me there. I am learning that having somebody meeting you for an early workout is critically important to actually going to said early workout. We also met another swimmer Kevin who said the magic words: see you Wednesday thus increasing the odds that I'll go on Wednesday by about 1000 percent.

So this program is at this awesome, fantastic, beautiful pool and I may refuse to swim anywhere else for the foreseeable future. It is a whopping two-minute drive from my house. It was also set for long course which I love. Due to daylight savings time it was dark for the first 45 minutes ... Which is bizarre but also a little cool.

There were only about 5 masters swimmers there this morning. And I think each of them was doing their own workout. So while I have this fantasy of finding an awesome masters program where a swim coach will boss me around and help me improve this may not be that - yet.

I think that the reason I crave this so much is that my brother and his sister-in-law are part of a pretty awesome masters swim program in Minnesota. They do things like move up into a faster lane as they make progress and I am a little jealous of that. Among other things I think that it gives you a sense of your swimming progress and quite frankly measuring your progress by the occasional open water triathlon swim is a little frustrating in my opinion.

Also in the land where we eat crow for breakfast I have to admit that having my workout done by 7 in the morning is pretty great. I am currently wearing non-workout clothes and even make-up (gasp).

So, I plan to go again on Wednesday.


  1. The periodic whiff of residual chlorine you get during the day is another bonus! :)

  2. True another bonus eau de chlorine.

  3. For sure ill see you tomorrow! The long pool is harder but so much better!