Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Honey, you have kale chips in your teeth"

My husband actually said that to me recently. It was true. Those kale chips get everywhere. Sadly, they aren't as popular with my kids as they were the first time I made them. So I had to eat almost all of them. That and other reasons are why I'm dropping out of the veggie share for the summer.
This is my husband eating Kale chips the first time. They are yummy.

Where have you been?
Well, uh ... where have I been? Just busy actually. Busy doing stuff and not writing about stuff. Here are some of the highlights.

My training group took a weekend trip to Clermont this past weekend. For those of you who don't know South Florida is flaaaat. The only hills are bridges and those are few and far between. Those who are truly crazy dedicated take a weekend now and then and head to Central Florida just on the other side of Mouseland to where there are actual hills. The main spot is Clermont.

Due to the ever present prior Gymnastics commitment we only went for one day not two but still we went.

I hit the bike with my training pals and the kids hit the amusement park with my husband. It was a win-win. I am not a big fan of amusement parks. Although I think I'd like them just fine if there were no lines and the food was free.

So, I was a little bit afraid of the hills and then it turned out it was a blast. Climbing up is hard work and Kike says I can't just go to the granny gear and spin easy up the hill ... I ignored him on the biggest hills (so there!). But then each huge up has a pretty matching huge downhill. Wheeeeeeeee!.

confession: I am a huge chicken on the downhills. 
The green solid part of this graph are the hils - up down up down up down.

But as it turns out I got much better on this trip. I stopped braking going downhill ... mostly. I may have also stopped breathing going downhill too. Just kidding.  At one point Diane said, "hey no braking" and luckily I wasn't so I could say back "I'm not." Zoom she was past me in a flash. Oh well. All my training buds were zooming down the hills in aero ... sheesh that might make me pee in my pants. We'll see.

The New Bike
Frigging finally I actually bought something. Seriously, even I was thinking this was never going to happen. But less writing more shopping led to the new ... dum dum dum... Shiv. 
She looks fast ... right!
I finally listened to enough people say it that I decided just to go with it. What did they say? This (in a nutshell) All the aero advantage on the bike comes from the front of the bike so if I can lose the aero bottle on the front and have the aero - research bike design work for me then that's what I should buy. Also Gunther of EBP said, "Buy the Specialized it will fit you best." So, I did. I almost didn't because I thought it was white but when they brought it out it was black and I said ..."gimme"

She is extra small which means among other things she doesn't fit on a standard bike rack. EEEK! Luckily I was out of love already with my existing bike rack and had already ordered a new one. It's backordered - should be in next week. So, after everybody in the store confirmed (after everybody had to personally try to put it onto the existing rack) that no, the shiv does not fit on a standard rack I took her home in the back seat. This is when it pays to have a gigantic car.

I have taken her on one ride and tomorrow another ride. I'll be back with more pictures and more details. 
In this picture I'm trying to take a picture of me on the bike but it turned out to just be a picture of my arm. I took a lot of these if anybody wants to see more :-) Ahem ... fail. But do notice the cute new TradeStation Bike Jersey - Thanks Boris!

In other news
It is confirmed that I will not be racing Haines City 70.3 as my daughters gymnastics meet is the same exact day. Lance will just have to get by on his own (hee hee). I used up all my upsettedness when I first found out this might happen so I'm not actually bummed. But it's time to pick the next tri.

The next race is actually this Sunday I'll do the Key Biscayne Half Marathon ... am I ready ... I don't feel ready but we'll see.

What you should be wasting time on the web looking at:
This is my new favorite running blog Shut up and Run - she is really entertaining. So when you need some entertainment ... I recommend it.   

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