Thursday, April 12, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - the recovery week

Let me just say that I put the "Amy" in "Recovery."  Ahem ... okay you clearly can't spell Amy with those letters.

This past week has been busy but not with training. With recovering and baseball and with holidays.

Wednesday instead of doing the track workout with my group I went to the opening night of the new Miami Marlins stadium. Actually the stadium was open a few nights before but this was opening night for the season. It's a spectacular stadium and the hooplah was all great. Well Mohammed Ali is more old and legendary than great. It was a beautiful night and well they lost. Lastly as you know if you've been watching the news the new team manager has already managed to irritate his Miami fan base and gotten himself suspended. Well, it is Miami - what can I say? In another note I did actually run my 5 miles but I didn't even have the umph to do a tempo run I did a recovery run (which is to say ... slooooow).
Opening Night at Marlins stadium - the biggest flag I've ever seen.
 Oh Thursday instead of biking I got a fitting on my road bike and measured for a tri-bike by the well-known Gunther at EPB Cycling. Regarding the road bike he lowered my handlebars and raised my seat and spun me around on his crazy little fitting pedestal. He also adjusted my shoes and told me I need knew cleats for the shoes. Good to know. I'll admit they were looking pretty worn down.

As to the tri bike: he confirmed that I'm not very tall.  He also confirmed that people of my awesome, astounding height are underserved in the tri-bike category - which is to say that there just aren't many options. So, he said I could go with my selection of Felt but I'd be on the small side of it's range and that Quintanaroo would be a good fit but Specialized will be the best. So I'm off today to test ride a Specialized and buy a bike rack that I meant to order last week.

I have a multi-traditional house which is to say that Friday we were off to the in-laws to eat chicken soup, gefilte fish and hunt for the matzoh and then Sunday we ate ham, potato salad and had not just one but two egg hunts. So I did a short solo Saturday morning run and skipped the Sunday ride all together.
dyeing the eggs. well not the older folks in the picture they were microwaving peeps but Jack and Dylan were dying the eggs and they did a great job!
 This week I'm back on track and as has already been mentioned in an earlier post I've started swimming in the mornings with a "masters" group. I use this term "masters" loosely because there are only a few of us and well most of us are doing our own thing. There is a coach present but she's really working with the 3 High School seniors who are there doing their early morning workout. I am welcome to join in but so far I've done my own workout as given by the coach. It's only been two days and so I'm just feeling it out. Yesterday they were doing a sprint workout ... sets of 500 fast up and slow back. I maybe could have done that ... not sure really like I said, feeling it out.

And that is all. I'm also trying to figure out the schedule for the rest of the year. On the table race-wise are the following races. There are way too many 70.3s on here to be practical so I have to make some choices and pick a target.

4/29 Key Biscayne Half Marathon. I feel soooo undertrained for this.

5/20 Florida 70.3 I'm probably not racing this but in the off chance I can I'll do it since I've paid and I have a hotel room. The goal for this one would be to finish.

6/17 Key Biscayne Trilogy

6/2 there is a 70.3 in West Palm Beach called Motivation Man. It's new ... Melissa wants to do it. It's June in Florida so I'm sure the weather will be sunny and humid. hmmm.

7/22 Chisago in Minnesota. This is a 70.3 and I could do this with my brother. I'm currently figuring out the summer camp schedule and I have to discuss this with my husband and consider how I would get the bike to Minnesota. I think drive it but I'm not sure anybody else in the family will agree with that idea.

8/19 Key Biscayne Trilogy #3

9/9 Key Biscayne Trilogy Bonus Race (why do they still call this a trilogy since there are always 4 races ... hmmmm)

10/28 Rev3 Sarasota 70.3

11/11 MiamiMan International or 70.3

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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  1. That's a few 70.3 :)

    Are you doing any more international distance races?