Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Totals

So my brother posts his monthly training totals. You can call him Mr. Couch . It's a good thing to do to keep track of how things are going so here are mine for April:

Swim 8565 yards for 5 hours 10 minutes (really 10 minutes ... hmmm that's probably off a bit)
Bike 130.75 miles for 11 hours 24 minutes
Run 119.45 miles for 14 hours 43 minutes.

This accurately reflects a few things. One this month had a lot of running in it - probably due to the Key Biscayne Half Marathon.

Also, my swimming volume is really low. Not only compared to my brothers (but his is crazy high) but also to March and February which were higher. This is a bad pattern ... so I'm committed to bringing that back up both by swimming more and by remembering to write it down when I swim.

Lastly, the bike mileage is wonky and here's why - it doesn't account for any indoor cycling whether that's spinning or trainer rides. Not sure what to do about that actually. Other than stand here on my invisible soap box and say ... I rode more I rode more! okay all done off the soapbox.

And not to be outdone by my brother's diligent tracking of his training I have tallied up my yearly totals as well. Well I can't find January so it's incomplete and to be honest I know he probably tracks his yearly totals also and with much more digital finesse than I can manage but you know what - that's okay because this week is his birthday and it's not nice to give your brother a hard time on the week of his birthday. :-)

And now I have to feed my kids and go to bed because I can't skip my swim workout tomorrow or else my mileage will be even lower than it would be otherwise.

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  1. I sense a challenge! Let's just say that yearly totals are approaching 1,000 miles combined.