Saturday, May 19, 2012

New bike rack - New nutrition - stuff

Let's start with I'm continuing to be freaked out by the looming 70.3 distance race in my future. Okay enough - moving on.

New Bike Rack
Almost 9 years ago I bought a new car and with it a new bike rack. The car is still hanging tough - the bike rack had seen better days.

A few weeks ago whilst bike shopping I ordered a new bike rack. Thule 916xtr - t2. It doesn't hang the bikes but holds them by the wheels.

New bike on new bike rack.
It's pretty great. Like all things Thule ... it's big ... it's heavy ... the directions stink and the little plastic pieces come right off. But once you've made peace with that it does a great job holding the bike.

My rack holds 2 bikes and can be extended to 4 bikes. Let me tell you that is adding a good 5-6 feet of bikes to the back of a car. I decided against the extension but I saw one the other day ... it's HUGE. 

It is a good thing that I ordered the bike rack because ... and if you're shopping for a Shiv you should know this in advance ... it doesn't fit on a standard bike rack because of the thicker bottom  tube. Oops!

New Nutrition
After a recent long bike I never wanted another sip of red Gatorade again. Especially not warm. Many people in my group use Infinit So I decided to give it a try. I did not actually speak to them I just completed the online worksheet so I don't think my formula (named Amy'sJuJuJuice if you want to know) is oh so custom. But it's worth a try.

I have been drinking it since it came during workouts to give my stomach a chance to get used to it. My stomach very luckily tolerates Gu very well. So I am hesitant to change it up. However ... I did want to get away from the colored Gatorade.

It is a giant bag of powder.
You mix 2 scoops with 20 ounces of water basically and then drink your calories. Because you are mixing it yourself you can doctor this to meet your needs so if you want more calories in 20 ounces of water put in more powder. If you want more water - less calories just mix in less powder.

I was initially stumped by this but actually it's easy to apply. The other day I was heading out for a hot run but I was going to eat lunch afterwards so I did one scoop. Not rocket science I'm not sure why I was so flummoxed by it in concept actually.

In theory in an endurance event this can take the place of everything else (read no other Gu's or cookies) but most people I know do mix it up a little bit. The big plus for this over Gatorade is that it has some protein in it. Also if you're a heavy sweater you have extra sodium. I'm not a heavy sweater. I was a little concerned about that because I don't always tolerate protein powder well (muscle milk is like an instant vomit maker in my belly) but it's been fine. The taste is mild and while I smell the protein when I mix it I don't taste it.

Also it froths when you mix it because of the protein -- that's entertaining. But they suggest mixing it the night before which works pretty well.

It was $45 for the bag - approximately. My Gus are about $1.50 each. They say it's 25 servings so that's $1.80 a serving. Since I was using Gus and Gatorade together it's probably about the same since I plan never to buy Gatorade again :-) I still haven't recovered from my red Gatorade overdose, clearly.

So the plan is to use this on the bike and maybe also on the run in Palm Beach.


  1. So if you mix it the night before are you freezing the bottle already mixed? I usually just freeze 1/3 of water, add the scoop (2 now please remind me!) the morning of exercise add fresh water and have half of it be frozen the other half unfrozen. Not sure if I should mix the whole thing, freeze it up or what?

  2. I always get my bottles ready the night before. To give myself that extra 3-5 minutes of sleep in the morning. But I haven't been freezing these. I take 2 scoop, put it in the bottle. Then I put in a little bit of water and shake it up a lot. Then I fill the bottle to the top and shake it more and just leave it in the fridge overnight.