Thursday, May 17, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - Feeling underprepared

Lets start with something not about me shall we. I know I know the blog is all about me but lets step back a minute.

This weekend my Sister-in-law (call her Mrs. Couch2whatever if you want) and her sister (she doesn't blog that I know of so think of her as Mrs. Couch's sister because she has no nickname) will be running their first ever Half Marathons!!!!!!! It's very exciting.

As anybody who has ever run an endurance event knows - there is a ton of hard work that goes into getting ready for a race this long. My favorite quote about it all comes from the penguin, John Bingham.

"The miracle is not that I finished but that I had the courage to start."

My little brother is also running and he will probably blow his previous half marathon times out of the water because he's getting very fast. So not to poo poo his hard work but I'm sure he'll approve if I spend most of my praise on his wifey who is running her very first Half-Marathon... did I already mention that? So head on over to her blog and wish her luck if you stumble upon this ...

And now back to our regular programming ... me.

Swimming - did an open water mile last week. That was good. Learned that they thing that my half ironman swim with be with the current the whole way -- that was good news (although I don't actually believe it). Swam Wednesday in the pool and did my longest workout in a while. It's bizarre that the switch to a meters pool and an early morning workout threw me off so much but it really has been a struggle the last few weeks.

Biking - This is actually big news. I should have done a separate post for this but I'm behind the ball. I rode the new bike on the group ride last Saturday. It was Saturday because Sunday was Mother's Day and as a mother I decided to take that day off to snuggle with my kiddos in bed.
I am holding the iphone which i use as the ipod, there is the ipad for movies, email etc, and the watch to time my intervals and let me know the level of suffering, and then there on the polka dot paper - that's the workout.

I was sooo nervous that I didn't sleep well the night before and I texted my friend that I would be taking my new bike. I did this so that I didn't fink out and take the old bike like a ninny. I will confess that I am actually probably a ninny in many things about the bike but I do strive for as much non-ninnyness as I can.
interval one on the trainer today 12 minutes complete - entertaining myself with the ipad.

So I was nervous. But I did it. About 5 miles in I was with the pack and I had worked my way into a cross chaining situation and it was making an annoying noise and I'll admit I was too nervous to change to the big ring. Ahem. So a fellow rider said you need to change gears and I actually said, " I know but I'm nervous" This is when being a girl is good because you can confess your inner wimp and not be made fun of. I intentionally fell back and when I had more space I did shift and I did not fall over.
interval 2 10 minutes complete - looking a little panicked I'll admit.

From there on out it was pretty great. By the end of the ride I was much more confident in the bike and shifting. Not to mention I think the bike is faster (which is the whole idea). I hit 25.7mph and there are no hills so while that was most likely with the pack I've never gone that fast except downhill on the other bike.
interval 3 8 minutes complete - just the cooldown and run to go. let it never be said that I don't sweat.

Also my bike pump was stolen out of my car. No I'm not kidding. I left the car unlocked which is a dumb thing to do but really who steals a bike pump? Big dorks that's who. 

Running -- I'm running. No big news there. I had a terrible run yesterday but it was in the middle of a very weird day so I'm not worrying much about it.

Call me Mrs. Underprepared
In just a few weeks I'm racing Motivation Man. My first 70.3 distance.

That's 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles biking and 13.1 miles running. (Imagine my panic here).

I never feel ready for a new longer race. Getting ready for my first olympic distance I was in a panic but that was over the swim. So intellectually I'm trying to keep that in perspective but it's not really working.

I'm not really nervous about this swim because it's close in distance to what I've done. I'm worried about the whole duration on the course.  

My longest event ever was my first marathon in January 2000 which was 5 hours and 4 minutes. This 70.3 is going to take me a while longer than that and that's what currently worries me because I have no idea what to expect.  I'll admit I'm not really even sure what to expect for time but it could be 7 hours or even more. That is a huge long time. The idea of a full half marathon after the 56 mile bike is really scary still.

I know what my body does with a straight running event as it wears out. I know how that feels and how to push through it. But this is new. So my current plan is to try to keep calm and carry on. The goal for this race is to just make it through. Tune in next week when I may be in more of a freak out mode.


  1. I'm sure you'll be great at Motivation Man!

  2. The 70.3 is starting to set in with me too. Just today as I was mulling over my goals and was trying to figure out what makes a good goal for me and I realized that it was ... at least 5 hours!

    It sounds to me like you are really well prepared! You've pulled off some nice long rides, you already can run that distance, and you're feeling good about the swim. I think you're going to rock it!

    I love the pictures too, I am impressed with the level of workouts you're doing. Hopefully we'll get to race together a couple of times this year, it will be fun to see all that training in action.

  3. Oh man, you might beat me by 2 hours. Yikes!

  4. I'm not beating anyone by two hours :)