Thursday, June 14, 2012

I ate Hemp seeds ... do I look healthier?

I went to Whole Foods because I needed chia seeds. Also I recently watched Food inc., as a result I may never go to a traditional grocery store again...until next week.
yup ... I bought hemp hearts.

I picked these up because Hemp has been on my mind. I read a book, Brendan Braizer's Thrive. In it he refers to hemp as a source of protein. News to me because I had always thought it was a source of marajuana.

Turns out it's both. Talk about a multipurpose plant.

I didn't burst them out right away as a snack because quite honestly I was expecting them to be disgusting. This is because I find most vegetarian sources of protein to be ... a little gross. By this I am referring to mainly tofu, and tempe and perhaps other fermented grains/beans that I may have tried in the past. I have no issue with legumes ... other than that they give me gas.

But today the kids were at camp and I was hungry and so I opened the bag. The instructions are to put the seeds on cereal or in yogurt but I don't eat yogurt or really cereal. Okay perhaps I should have read the instructions before buying the product. Whatever. I sniffed the bag. No odor really. I reached in and picked some up. It does sort of feel like chopped nuts. I ate them. They taste kind of like chopped nuts. Pretty good actually. I poured some into my hand and gobbled them up. No problem.
these are the little edible seeds in my hand.

Why would anyone eat Hemp Seeds?
Good question. One obvious answer is vegetarians searching for more protein in their diet. I however am not a vegetarian although I try to eat only a little meat.

So Hemp seeds have protein in them and amino acids (which I thought were a biproduct of protein so that's a little confusing) and also Omega 3 and 6.  Source: The Nourishing Gourmet.

They do come from the same plant that some of us may have smoked to alter our consciousness at various college-related parts of our lives. But apparently the seeds in the grocery store don't contain any of the mind-altering goodness. In fact the manufacturer even takes a pledge that it has no THC in it which they print on the bag. So don't eat them if you want to alter your consciousness.

I also found another blog extolling the benefits of these. According to the Clean Cuisine & More blog the Omega 3 & 6 are good because they reduce inflammation. I can speak from experience that other things that reduce inflammation are good things when paired with long endurance events: ice baths, ibuprofen :-)

How will I eat Hemp Seeds?
A little online research revealed that a lot of people put these into their smoothies. Can you say a lot of people eat hemp seeds? Probably not. Let's try again ... a large percentage of the admittedly very small portion of the world who eats hemp seeds put them in their smoothies. (Better?)

I am probably not going to do that only because when I make smoothies it's for my kiddos and they are pretty boring with their ingredients.  They like bananas, strawberries, rasberries, blueberries juice and ice. They did not like my green smoothie experiments. They don't like when I put greek yogurt in or chia seeds into the smoothie. They did accept mango the other day which is good because we have about 500 mangoes on our tree right now. But I digress.

What I might do is add a scoop of these to my Saturday and Sunday morning oatmeal. I used to put nuts in my oatmeal and loved it but we have a nut-free house because my youngest has a nut allergy so this might be exactly what the veggie doctor ordered.

I also think that these could be used if you bread things for frying which is something I don't really do anymore but they are almost the consistency of panko or bread crumbs.


  1. Happy to hear you loved the Hemp hearts :) Try them sprinkled on your salad and in your yogurt too - both are great options.

  2. My heart did a little flutter to see a comment from somebody I'm not related to on my blog. Thanks for that! I actually did put them onto my salad today. They were yummy - kind of like putting nuts onto a salad only hempier.