Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My first 100 miler

Okay full disclosure it was 100 miles over 2-days.

Had you there for a minute didn't I :-) (wink, wink).

I did my second ever trip to Clermont this past weekend. Which is where we flatlanders go to find some rolling hills. It's in central Florida. Home also to the National Training Center (NTC) where rock stars like Sara McClarty train full time.

The weather sucked for the drive up - solid rain for the whole trip due to Tropical Storm Betty in the Gulf. Amazingly it was cloudy but dry for the whole day Saturday so we did 67 miles.
This picture is not actually me in the front it's another Miamian named Janet. But there behind her in the pink with the white arms that's me. And that bike on the ground way over that's Meli - if you were to zoom you'd see I'm looking at her saying come on get up and go go go.

Then Sunday it rained. A few people in our group didn't ride. I however wanted to face my fear of riding in the rain. For Motivation Man it had looked like it might rain all day and I was really nervous about that. I don't want to be afraid of something outside of my control. So off we went. The first downhill was terrifying. But then we did a loop around the lake 3 times that was flat.  We did 34 miles. It was good practice because now I am more comfortable with how my bike handles in wet ... really wet conditions.
I'm actually in the car with the bikes on top. Roof racks are cool. Efficient I'm not so sure but cool and cool looking yes.
So my toosh is sore. But otherwise I feel pretty good. I need/want a light for my bike. But I feel solid with my bike mileage at the moment.

In other news two of my friends became Ironmen this weekend. One at Coeur d'Alene Idaho in 15;24 and another in France in 15:10. Both had 8 hour bike splits. I cannot imagine being on the bike for 8 hours. Cannot imagine it at all.

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