Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ahem - racing tomorrow Key Biscayne Trilogy

The MO for this year has become the last minute registration and slightly underprepared entry to the races. Not sure if this is a good thing. So this is back to ground zero. Trilogy 2 was my first tri 2 years ago. (let's not speak of trilogy 1). The trilogy races are super sprints. S.25 / b 10 / r3.1 There is also a .25 run through the sand to t1. My time 2 years ago was 1:32:40 My time last year was 1:18:14 but it was a different course (marine stadium without the .25 run in the sand) My goal is to beat last years time even with the transition run in the sand. 8 minute swim , 6 minute t1, 30 minute bike, 3minute t2, 30 minute run = 77 minutes. That would be a boobies to the wall performance for me. So I might not make it. But we'll see. That will be a fast swim for me. No dawdling behind breastrokers or surf or current. And mostly it requires a 20mph bike split which includes the Powell bridge. If I can pull that off it will be amazing. I will have to raelly stay focused on the goal. A good test for Did I mention I biked 49 miles today? Oh well off to bed. Wish me luck.


  1. So how did you do at Trilogy with the wind and current? I didn't race but walked there to cheer my Tri2One teammates on.

  2. I did okay. I'm happy with the result and the bike. But I did not execute well in the swim. It was not pretty. I wonder if I saw you out there but didn't know it :-)