Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lifetime MPLS Sprint Triathlon

As part of our family vacation my brother and I raced the Minneapolis Triathlon. They shorten in to MPLS in the logo. It's part of the Race to the Toyota Cup which means a couple of things. First, the race I did earlier this year, Nautica is a part of this series. Next, there are lots of pros racing and lastly it's a big race 3000 racers.

I had fun with this race which was my goal. I think I had equal or better performance to my last sprint which was a year ago. I have to crunch the numbers to be sure because the courses are never the same. I did think I'd be able to run faster so I'm not sure why that didn't happen.

My little brother had more specific goals and I don't know if he met all of them but he did do something pretty amazing. He had the fastest swim time in the sprint race. Yup fastest out if 800 racers. I know, holy crap he's fast.

So, I liked this race. The course was pretty. It was really well managed and the medals and shirts were cool. There was plenty of food after and a beer tent. Plus, I love racing with my brother and his wife is the super spouse making sure even my crew was there in time to cheer. I would do it again, in fact I think any of the races in this series would be great to do.

I even met someone I knew in transition. This was wild. I'm in Minneapolis where I've never lived. I look up and a girl says hey we went to college together. Sure enough we were both in the same sorority at KU. What a crazy world.

If you do one of these races just know that parking might be a hassle. So far this has been true for both of the races in the series that I've done. It's been okay for me as the racer but for my hubby in Miami Beach with the kids it was tough and for the whole crew yesterday in Minneapolis (2 spouses and 5 kids with one stroller and 4 signs) it was a trial. I'm not sure what would have made that better maybe a second stroller or a wagon or maybe it was just gonna be tough going. They did really well even though there were some cranks along the way. Oreos helped for 10-15 seconds.

More details and pics later but there ya have it!

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