Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shhhhh.... I'm on vacation

Why would I blog while I'm on vacation? Good question.

I'm just occupying myself while my girl kiddo catches up with her smurf game.

I'm with the kiddos on vacation in Minneapolis. I actually found a little house to rent on the lake down the street from his house. Which is proving so far to be a great improvement over our previous vacation lodging - the Mystic Lake Casino. My kids love hotels but they "love" this.

At the moment we're burning the vacation candle at both ends. The days are long here the sun is up at 6 AM and so is my daughter. The sun then stays up until around 10PM luckily she passes out closer to 9. Still she doesn't know it but she's probably really tired. I am mentally prepping for a massive meltdown.

On the good side we've done a lot if cool stuff. Played with the cousins (x100), swam in the lake, caught and released 2 little fishes, gone on the boat, tubed behind the boat, swam some more, saw some birds, made a fire and some s'mores, had a BBQ, and I've already probably forgotten some stuff.

You know what's not on this list? Workouts ... Oops. Actually yesterday's workout was to swim in the lake with the kids. I did that for hours. Thx coach Frank!

Today I'm going to see if I can somehow squeeze in a run. Tomorrow the bike should arrive. (imagine dramatic music here).

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