Thursday, August 30, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - My plan to hit 5:30 at Rev3 Venice

Subtitle: How I plan to beat my little brother at Rev3 in October (insert evil laugh here).

My goal is to hit 5:30 at Rev3 in October. Thats 5 hours and 30 minutes start to finish.

My brother has hit the 5:30 range already so if I did 5:30 exactly I might beat him but the chances are that he'll break 5:30 at this race before I beat him at a race of this distance. He's very fast. Read about how he WON his last race here. Nevertheless, a girl can dream.

Before I go much further ... let me add for my S-i-l, yes, I am registered. I forked over my credit card info this morning. I did not pre-order a jersey - hopefully I don't regret that but there was no picture to tempt me.

The swim: 40 minutes

If my math is right (and I used this calculator) I would need to swim 1:54/100 yards roughly to make this time.  I think that's doable for me. I estimate that I comfortably swim 100 yards in 2 minutes so if I can swim a straight line and put some effort into it I should do this.  To be sure I'm not totally crazy I'll be timing a 100 tomorrow since I'm not entirely sure how fast/slow I actually swim.

The swim will also need to be approximately the right length. The only other 70.3 I've done the swim was totally long (and filled with boat oil - gross). 

In order to hit this time goal I am diligently attending my masters swim group 3x a week to improve my swimming. That's the whole plan - masters swimming, swim more oh right and wear the swimskin.

t1 - 5 minutes

The bike: 2:35

To hit 2:35 I will need to average 21.7 mph on the ride.

I am the only one in my group who is not currently training for a full Ironman so my long bikes are really long. I'm hoping that this will pay off when I try to do these 56 miles at 20 mph with nobody to draft behind.

I did 3 hrs in my last 70.3 and my cycling has definitely improved.  But this is still a massive improvement. I need to work on getting to my water bottles behind me without slowing to 8 mph :-) That will definitely be the difference :-). Cycling for me is kind of mental - I tend to zone out and slow down. Staying focused and believing I can do it is important. I am going to make a list of things to think about during the race because in Motivation man ... I was really bored. However, going faster should make it less boring.

t2- 5 minutes

The run: 2:05 hours

This might be insanity because I've only ever run one other 2-hour half marathon and so this would mean hitting close to my pr in the 3rd leg of a triathlon. Might be too ambitious. I'm doing  sit ups and calf raises to improve my chances. But probably not as many as I should be doing.

The run is also mental. By this point of the race will be hot and I'll be tired. It is still hot here in October.  I need to be ready to embrace the uncomfortable feeling that I don't love so much. Other racers will be chatting and there will be people slowing and walking and stopping I need to not see that as an endorsement to slow down myself. Instead keeping it in my mind to keep going. 9:33 minute miles over and over again.

So on paper that's it. 40 minute swim, 5 minute transition, 2:35 hour bike, 5 minute transition, and 2 hour 5 minute run. Cross the finish line with my kiddos, wait for my brother who will be finishing just behind me (ha!) and call it a day.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

today my heart is in New Orleans

Here in Miami hurricanes are a way of life. Here it's a mascot of the local university.

But there are two groups of people in Miami. Those who lived here for Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and those who didn't. Andrew was a gigantic storm that changed the landscape in Miami ... it just did. We are 20 years after Andrew and there are still places where people will say it hasn't recovered (the zoo, the canopy on Old Cutler).

I moved to Miami 4 years after Andrew. But I have been here long enough to know that the affect of Andrew on the people who survived it runs deep. They will never forget. At my first job here I remember that there was a storm warning and those who had been through Andrew were so totally distracted by the weather that our boss sent them all home to prepare. She understood that their nerves were still frazzled.

For me I've been through 3 hurricanes. All catagory 1. Small hurricanes on the grading scale. But all in one season 2005 -  Katrina, Rita, & Wilma. At the end of the season Wilma knocked out my power for 14 days and I needed a new roof. I was with a lot of people in that "need a new roof" group and it took us 2 years to get it done.

The thing that I remember most from that summer was after Katrina sitting in the guest room in my in-laws house feeling sorry for myself. Disgruntled because I was displaced all of 60 miles. Sad because I had no power for all of 2 days and then feeling like a total self-centered ingrate as I watched on television as they reported as Katrina strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico and just leveled New Orleans.

New Orleans is another city with a strong connection to hurricanes. There it's the name of a rum drink but still a part of the history.

Now I feel a little bit like history is repeating. Isaac was a tropical storm that came through Miami or just South actually and gave us lots of rain. But now it's strengthening in the gulf and if it stays on track it will be a category 1 storm going into New Orleans. Not the strongest of storms but little storms can do plenty of damage.

So today and tomorrow my heart is in New Orleans and all along that coast hoping that the people there stay safe and dry. I hope their power stays on and I just hope this storm goes past without much incident at all.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storms are boring and most likely bad for my liver

Here in sunny South Florida we are spoiled babies when it comes to the weather. We can be outside and active all year long. So when a tropical storm or hurricane comes along and we're forced inside we get a little cranky.

This storm, Isaac, didn't do much damage so we're lucky. I suppose I shouldn't say that yet since it's not quite over. But ... lots of rain, so much rain and gusty winds. But the weather has been yucky since Saturday morning and of course the kiddos are out of school today because the storm isn't quite gone yet.

Actually, I think it's just the grown ups who are bored. My kids are having a great time. We haven't lose power so it's not scary or uncomfortable but we did pull out all the lanterns and flashlights and change all the batteries. Jack loved that. He really enjoyed helping. Marc maybe didn't appreciate the help as much as he enjoyed giving it.

We brought in all the outdoor pool stuff which was fun for the kids. It was also a great opportunity for me to toss all the stuff that was beaten up from being in the sun all summer long. 

I set up playdates with friends in the neighborhood for them ... always a treat.

Thee kids built a giant fort in Dylan's bedroom. Which is always fun.
Giant fort! Normally I make them take these down before bed but it's been up all weekend for tons of fun.

Since the weather isn't too bad Jack has periodically been outside testing the wind and the rain ... which is fun. I enjoy it too. There are no pictures of him doing this because as soon as his clothes are wet from the rain he tears them off and goes running around naked. One of the advantages of being a kid.

We played board games with the kids at night. Which they love.
This is how we survive cabin fever. Wine each night. Ow ... my liver. Luckily I wasn't getting up early to train.

Jack is still too young to play very much and he doesn't like to follow the rules when they go against him. But it was fun for all of us. Marc gets annoyed when the kids take too long and we all make fun of him and then we laugh and laugh and then the kids cheat and we tell them not to and they maintain that they weren't cheating this is how grandma taught them to play more laughing. Usually there is at least one crying burst. Wine is important during family game night.
In this picture Marc is having the kids promise not to cry when the other one wins. Luckily Jack won because even though he promised he definitely would have had a breakdown if his sister beat him.

And we let them pile into bed with us for sleeping in case the power goes out during the night. We didn't get more than brief outages so it wasn't really necessary but they love it.

So today the rest of the storm will pass by and tomorrow we'll be back to normal.  

In other big news my brother got his first win at a triathlon this weekend in Minnesota. We are all super excited about that because he's been working on it all summer. Great things still to come!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - 10 weeks to Rev3

General News- So far this week I've hit all my workouts. Go figure because it's the first week of school which is a little chaotic. But I think the key to success is the early morning workout - as much as I hate to say that.

Also while I haven't done an Ironman even yet I will say they make really inspirational videos. Probably they should spend more time working on making their events better than videos but I do like to watch them.

Now back to regular updates:
I am not excellent at motivating myself through a workout. This is a personality flaw that I have known for a few years. I'm very good at getting to practice and doing what I'm told. If I'm left to my own devices for the workout itself I'll cut corners. So having a more organized masters plan is making a big difference to me. Now there is still an issue which is that I cannot finish 3500 yards in an hour - yet ... well maybe ever ... but that's yet to be seen. So currently my plan is to do three 60 minute workouts a week instead of two 90 minute workouts that are on my schedule.  Plus the open water swim on Saturday. Sounds like it should work, right?

Long ride of 4 hours last week. All good. Trainer workout Tuesday morning. Well that one wasn't so perfect. I had to put my aero bars on so I lost some time for that and well I did most of it.

I've also been biking with the kids back and forth to school - probably doesn't count as a workout but I'm doing it so it should count.

The long run this week was 10 miles on Sunday. So after the long bike. I was not bursting with energy. But we got it done.

So nutrition is not a normal category on the training summary because normally I just stumble along and do fine. I eat mostly whole foods with the occasional mini DQ Blizzard with my kids.

But this week probably as a result of doing all the workouts in the morning I've been super hungry during the day and yesterday I had a total wake up call that I wasn't paying enough attention. I was in Get Smart looking for the right colors of plastic duotang folders for my daughter. If you don't know what those are - be happy, very happy.

Anyway, all of a sudden I realized my blood sugar was way too low ... sweating, overheated, shaking, slightly dizzy, probably cranky. The whole package. If this has never happened to you be very happy. That hasn't happened to me in years because I make sure to eat every few hours. Anyway it wasn't a disaster or anything I just went with my son to whole foods just a few doors down and picked up a pasta salad at the deli and felt much better. He had a cookie and so he was happy too. So today I'm paying more attention to what I'm eating because I hate that feeling.

and lastly Weather!
So early next week we'll be having some tropical stormy weather. I predict that this will mess up my swimming but we'll see. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school, masters swimming and tri-clips

The kids are back to school! Woo hoo! Sing it with me ... the kids are back to school!

To be honest the first few weeks are not so much of a break for me since I have to be around almost constantly as the "nut patrol." I'm referring to nuts like walnuts and peanuts to which my son is allergic and not the crazy parents who may be around the school. Ha!

Nonetheless my kids and I are happy to be back to school.
We bike to school for fun and because the traffic stresses mommy out. Seriously 800 distracted moms in luxury SUVs is a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion. Today the sidewalks were damp which made for a much more exciting ride. Yes my little maniac did manage to fall once and slip and slide a bunch. Our bike handling skills are going to be awesome by the end of the year.

Masters Swimming Update
So I mentioned that the nearby super pool at Gulliver Prep had hired a new masters swimming coach. Her name is Jamie and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. She's been there every day and on time. GASP! She stands by the edge of the pool and gives us a workout. GASP GASP. And she's given me some tips. Okay, enough with the gasping.  It's not quite so organized as my brothers group in Minnesota but it's a huge improvement over what options I had before.

So a few things are happening as a result so far.
  1. I'm not dreading morning swimming. 
  2. I'm not nauseated during the workout (which yes does mean it was totally in my imagination but whatever,  it seems to be gone and that's good).
  3. I am pushing myself harder in the workouts which is what I knew I wasn't doing before and just couldn't seem to make myself do. 
So I did sign all the online paperwork and join it seems like a few dozen swimming organizations (masters swimming - usa swimming what is all this crap?) to be a  member. Voila - commitment and hopefully soon - improvement. That would be really exciting.

I have almost exactly an hour between when I get home from biking the kids to school and when I go back as the nut patrol for lunch. (Yes, I'm that mom. Oh you have pb&j okay I'm sure you're a terrific kid but we can't sit next to you. Actually we have our own special nut-free table. But you would be too if your kid had the nut allergies - trust me it's a pain. )

Today it's the perfect amount of time to write this little blog post and order Tri-clips. My brother has these and he's much faster than me on the bike. Like with all things related to triathlon I have absolute confidence that this purchase (rather than hard work and more training) will make all the difference. I jest here a little bit.

Next races - Escape to Miami followed by Rev3 Venice. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - 11 weeks until Rev3 Venice

This will be a shorter blog update than most (I hope).

Swim Progress.
Last week my only swim was the Saturday open water swim. Monday rolled around and I had stayed up too late Sunday night and wasn't feeling the swim love. But then I got a text from Mel (who is decidedly more motivated than I am at the moment) and there is a new masters swim coach at Gulliver. So I did check that out on Wednesday. It was great. It was a lot of drills so the yards were short but I had a good workout and I felt great. I'll go back tomorrow - Friday.

I actually got up this morning to go to the Stroke Doctors Master class at Jose Marti pool but my iPhone directions failed me. I ended up in Doral instead of downtown and so that was a big miss. Try again next week. I will say I am super tired from getting up early even though I didn't swim. Also - somehow in the morning adventures I lost my banana. Weird.

I did my trainer workout Tuesday - so boring. So so boring. That is all.

Run / Injury update
What I'm injured? You didn't know. Well not really but maybe. I have had the IT band niggle for about 2 weeks. I've been foam rolling and stretching and stuff. But last Saturday I fell while jogging on the boardwalk on South Beach. The wood was slippery and I tripped and did a very graceful dive onto the ground. I also took down my running pal Rachel and I think she actually is more hurt than me. I have a little scrape on my knee and a bruise on my left hip and that is all. Sort of. I could tell the next day that my body was compensating for the fall by tightening up my whole right side. The bottom of my foot, my calf, my hamstring, my right butt cheek, my shoulder, etc. I tried to stretch but it wasn't really working. So I got myself into the chiropractor Monday and he confirmed ... yup, out of wack. My hip flexor tightened up completely. He adjusted and said go for a walk later and stretch. So I did a short recovery walk/run that night. It was better and the next day I felt better but still tight. Wednesday better but still tight. Free chair massage at Tommy Bahamas guy said my qadrus lumbarticus (or something like that) was really tight. No kidding. Chiropractor again, he adjusted and then put this vibrating, agitating machine into my super tight lower back / upper butt muscles. Yikes! I did almost jump off the table. Those muscles were tight all right. So I think that probably did the trick. I'm off to foam-roller now and today I have a run so I'll see how that goes.

Other random tidbits
I made my hotel reservation for the race. Good stuff. So did my brother. He'll be here for the race with his family and it looks like he might race too. That would be great. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Kids Race Too

One of the benefits of a parent exercising and having run at races is that this love for activity hopefully spreads to your children. But it's not always easy.

Last year one of my biggest parenting failures went hand in hand with my daughter doing her first triathlon.  You can read about that here if you're interested.

This year I asked her if she wanted to do another triathlon and she said yes. I couldn't believe it and so I waited and asked again and she said "no". I made peace with that. I did not bring it up again. Then she came to me a few days later and said she'd changed her mind she did want to do it. So, yes again and I thought to myself, okay we can do this. So, I signed both kids up and I made myself some rules:

Rule Number 1 - I would not become personally invested in her race.
Rule Number 2 - I would relax and enjoy the day.
Rule Number 3 - I would do what I could to make sure the kids had fun.
Rule Number 4 - Please see Rule number 2. Relax - smile - have fun. The only reason to do this is to have fun.

The only kids triathlon near me this summer is the Miami Kids Triathlon. It's not the same one we did last year. It's a little closer to us but not really all that close.

Race Day

Race day always starts early.
Awake ... sort of.
 The kids got up and had breakfast and off we went. Everybody slept well and I was pretty calm. I even let my husband drive. When I'm nervous I can't take it and I have to be in control of the driving.

Kids races are disorganized. It drives me nuts. I have a really short fuse when it comes to disorganization. But I was determined to keep a rosy face on. The instructions said transition would close at 7 so I took that seriously and we got there in time. Luckily setting up a kids transition spot takes about 20 seconds. At one point Marc questioned my answer to where Jack's transition area was and rather than fight about it I sent him to ask the man in charge. I recognized him from packet pickup. Marc learned two things then. First and most importantly, I was right. Second the man who coordinates these events is really not helpful. Instead of just saying ... Over there and sending him on his way he gave Marc a 5 minute lesson on transition area logistics. Marc was unimpressed and quite honestly a little annoyed.

My husband got Jack set up in the little kiddo spot and I got Dylan set up. I have to say this race had less volunteers than the last kids tri we did and the volunteers were... what's that word, oh right, clueless. But I didn't get rattled and I kept my smile on.

Then we headed over to body marking - they loved getting their bodies marked. I think it's fun too.  For kids the  age group is your age. My little guy has a summer birthday so he's just changed ages and therefore this was pretty funny:

Volunteer: How old are you?
Jack: 5
Me: nope he's 6
Jack: Oh right, I'm 6.
Volunteer: okay, 6. (Writes number 6 on his leg)
Volunteer: What's your race number?
Jack (with confidence): 72
Me: nope 28
Jack: Oh right, 28. (he never had any idea ... why he said 72 is anybody's guess)
Volunteer: that's what Mom's are for.

Not surprisingly, Dylan answered all her questions correctly.
Note - red marker does not come off in the shower as easily as black marker.

The races
Did I mention that kids triathlons are disorganized? Well they are. So they do each age group completely and then they start the next group. This is because they change the distances in between. Makes sense but takes forever. Jack's age group went first. 25yd swim, 1/2 mile bike maybe, 400 yard run I think.  He was actually the third one to go. He did great on the swim. He was (of course) a total maniac on the bike and then he made it with a smile through the run. He had a good time but was really thirsty and ready to be finished by the end.
heading off to the start. Aren't they adorable!
That little spec is Jack swimming his heart out.

t1 - okay where is my bike?

zoom zoom
T2 - I'm not sure what exactly is happening here.
Finish Line!
He got a medal. He was pretty thrilled!

Dylan's group was about 50 times the size of Jack's. The bigger kids did 75 yd swim, 1 mile bike and 3/4 mile run. She put herself toward the end of the group.
So a lot of people went before her. She was happily socializing and watching the other swimmers. Her plan was to go slow during the swim. She did great during her 75 yards and proudly showed off her flip turns. Why yes all the parents nearby did say, oooh look flip turn. I'm not kidding. Then she dashed off to the bike. She took her sweet time in transition and I kept my mouth shut with a smile. Then she was off on the bike and I was pretty sure she'd get lost because there were no signs or other riders in front of her but whatever. Then we waited and waited. There were some super fast kids in her group and many of them even did the flying dismount. Super impressive. She finally finished the bike and went out on the run. She looked great on the run and she finished really strong. When she finished we learned that she actually fell on the bike but got up and kept going. What a trooper!
Waiting to start. She's in the pink swim suit in the middle.
That spec is her swimming. That's Jack ringing the cowbell.
t1. Like all triathletes finding the bike is the hardest part. We did get her laces that she didn't have to tie for the race but I'm not sure it got us any more speed. But she loves them anyway.

Coming in off the bike.

That's her on the run. She actually had the 4th fastest run time in the 9 year old group!
Finishing Strong! There is no picture of her with her medal because this is when I learned of the bike tumble. There were tears and we immediately went to get band-aids. Band-aids make everything better. But she's tough, right! She finished the whole thing even after falling!
The results. 
In kids triathlon you only compete against kids your same age. So 5 yrs old against 5 yrs old. They do however follow the USAT rule that it's your age on 12/31. So Jack competed against other 6 year olds even though he just turned 6 and Dylan competed against 9 year olds even though she is still 8. I guess it's as fair as any other system but it seems screwy.  

In the end Jack was 2nd in his age group and Dylan was 6th in her age group. Because Jack won 2nd Dylan was crushed that she didn't also place. I anticipate that this means next year she will not lollygag during the swim and will go faster on the bike. She isn't super confident on her bike yet so a year of practice will really help. Jack on the other hand is fearless on the bike. It's just a boy - girl thing I think.

Normally that would be the end of the day but since Jack got second we stayed for the awards. It took forever. Did I mention that kids triathlons are disorganized? It was about 1000 degrees and it took forever but we got his trophy. He's never been so proud of anything in his little life. He carried this trophy around all weekend and told everybody about it.
Jack with his trophy!
Jack brought his trophy into breakfast and took 6 photos of it and 2 videos. He is really proud!

All in all it was a good day. Both kids are already saying they want to do one next year. But first they are strategizing about their plan for the Turkey Trot the 5k we run as a family on Thanksgiving. Pretty stinking cute! 

Words of Wisdom
So, we've done this kids tri thing twice now. I'm happy to have inspired my kids to do this because as my husband points out they only do this to be like me. I think that's the only reason a kid would ever do a tri - because the parents do it. All the parents were triathletes. So the point is - remember the kids are watching and act accordingly.

First a quick tip. If you can show your kids the course in advance I think it's helpful. My kids actually swam in this pool to practice the day before and it made a big difference. And to be honest the winners in both my kids age groups had raced this course before so they were much more confident and knew where they were going. Which is helpful since there aren't many signs or volunteers. I would not suggest putting a child into a triathlon without having done some swim camp - swim team style stuff. It makes a big difference and I think that was our issue last year. Just like adults this is the part the kids seem most nervous about.

I think it's important to keep the attitude light for the kids. There were 2 dads that almost got into a fight near the bike dismount because another parent volunteer had accidentally told his kid to an extra lap in the pool. The extra lap is super annoying and it did totally screw up his kids time but seriously...calm down and remember the kids are watching.

When I started training for my first marathon way back in 1999 ... I was a huge fan of a running columnist named John Bingham. His nickname was the Penguin and his slogan was "waddle on." One of his pearls of wisdom was, "The miracle isn't that I finished it's that I had the courage to start." I still think that's great advice. In the end that's why I think it's great my kids did this race because it does take courage to try things like this and if they can do it now when they are young hopefully it will stick with them through whatever they choose to do later.

My kids are very proud of what they achieved on this day. Yes I encouraged them to do it and made it possible for them to do it. I packed the transition bag and I made the signs to cheer for them. But I also took a step back this year and just cheered and let them do their thing and didn't stress at all about the results. That my daughter showed the inner strength to go onto the run with skinned knees without even telling me is terrific. And that she didn't get a trophy is good too because I think the best place to learn that lesson (that we don't all win) is here where it really doesn't matter.  And for my son. He has spent the year being dragged to my triathlons and his sister's gymnastics meets - for him to get his own trophy was awesome!

This post is already too long but my last point on these kids races continues to be ... I think that the race producers who do the adult races should produce the kid races. Really I do. It makes no sense that these goof balls are out there reinventing the wheel with no signs for the course and clueless volunteers when an actual race production company could do this with no problem. I just don't get it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

And the Leibster goes to ....

A local blogger has given me a Leibster Award. WooHoo!

Whaaaat is a Liebster award? Well TriathlonMami (who gave it to me) tells me that it's this:
The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.
And of course, there are pay it forward rules: 

Rules for receiving this award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Notify the people you have tagged.
5. No tag backs

Okay so it's a little bit like a blogging chain letter but here goes. 

So, without further ado 11 random things about me:
  1. I am the Cliff Clavin of my family. I seriously have almost endless trivial knowledge on all kinds of random facts. Like why steel cut oats are supposed to be better or what the difference between 110 and 220 electrical currents are, how to calculate intra-day margin rates on a brokerage account, or the first numbers of the fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13) I can drive people my husband nuts so I'm always trying to keep my mouth shut so as to not be overly annoying. I am also perpetually failing at this goal.
  2. I have a postal disorder. I can be counted on to purchase gifts and or cards for people who are out of town and then take weeks / months to actually make it to the post office. Same with thank you cards. I write them, address them and frequently forget to mail them.
  3. I have knit 3 baby blankets in my life. All of them pretty ugly and imperfect. Each of them presents for family members who love me too much to be overly critical.
  4. I am the shortest person in my immediate family (husband, brother, mom and dad) and as a result I have delusions about how long my arms are. I am constantly trying to reach for things (parking garage ticket dispensers, kitchen shelves, water bottles on my bike behind my seat that I can't get to which amuses my family brother to no end. 
  5. I am not a great speller. I rely on spell check and when I can't figure out how to spell a word I pick another instead. This is particularly bothersome now that I have two new readers in the house and they frequently ask me how to spell stuff.
  6. I love body art and yet I have no tattoos. I love other peoples body art but personally never come up with anything that I love enough to put on my body. Weird ... I know. But should I complete an iron distance triathlon you bet your bootie that's tattoo worthy. 
  7. My favorite dinner meal is spaghetti and red sauce. It has been the same since I was maybe 5 years old. I really could eat it every day.
  8. I wear a size 7 shoe. I know you were curious and now you know.
  9. I don't like asparagus, beets, collard greens or squash (except zuchinni). I try to be open minded with vegetables but seriously these are not yummy to me.
  10. I am an incredibly light sleeper. Seriously, if it's not completely dark and if somebody is breathing heavily in the immediate area - fuggedaboutit.
  11. I really want to pull my kids from school for one year and take them around the country/word in an RV. I'm not sure I have the courage to do this or if my husband will ever go for it but it's out there on the to do list.

Part III: 11 Questions Triathlonmami asked me

  1. Why did you start blogging? My brother omitted that I ran faster than him in the run portion of a triathlon and that was enough challenge for me. Game-on! It's also possible that I have too much free time.
  2. Has blogging changed you in any way? I don't think so. Well, I no longer email my brother random thoughts I just put them out here in public for him to read. I'm kidding there - a little bit.
  3. What is your favorite place on Earth? The beach. More specifically Maui. I was there on vacation once and never wanted to come back. Of course, I haven't been everywhere, yet.
  4. If you were stuck on a desert island with only one book, what would it be? Seriously I had better only be stuck there for a week at most. One book?!?!  What am I supposed to do read it over and over... aaack no way.
  5. What living person inspires you most? Why? Probably sister Madonna Buder.  Her nickname is the Iron Nun. Her ability to be totally selfless while doing these endurance events is inspiring.
  6. What historical person inspires you most? Why? There are a lot of inspiring people in history and picking one is really hard. I am most inspired by people throughout history who have gone against the grain to correct large injustices (slavery, segregation, gender equality) even when they knew they most likely would make very little difference and it might cost them their standard of living and in some cases their lives. Having the inner strength to follow the right path is something I find truly admirable. I always ask myself if I would have the courage to do the same. I've never had to do anything like that so I don't know but I do hope that I would be able to. On the flip side the absence of this inner compass is something I find really frightening.
  7. If you were able to have a superpower what would it be? Flying. I mean seriously that would be very helpful in getting around Miami.
  8. What do you wish you could master? Good question ... I wish I had musical talent but I have none. Closer to reality  the flying bike mount is something I want to try but am a little a lot afraid of.
  9. What do you do to relax? run. slowly.
  10. What is your favorite part of the day? Early in the morning when the house is quiet and everybody but me is sleeping. Before I had kids this was running with the sunrise - that one is still pretty great.
  11.  Think fast! What is the first thing you can think of to bring a smile to your face? My kiddos peacefully sleeping. I love to peek in on them early in the morning or late at night ... little angels.
Questions for the Next Round
  1. What is one personal goal that you have bouncing around in your head that you're a little afraid of telling anyone ... until now?
  2. What is your favorite modern convenience that you're really happy somebody invented and couldn't live without?
  3. What is your absolute favorite junk food?
  4. What is your least favorite household chore?
  5. What is your favorite song/band right now?
  6. Are you a bargin-hunter or a splurger?
  7. Who is somebody you know personally ... in real life who motivates you to be a better person?
  8. Paper or plastic at the grocery store? Why? (ok just kidding on the why ... can you tell I'm running out of questions?)
  9. What is one job/career that you are really thankful that somebody else does because you would really never, ever, ever want that job?
  10. Do you buy lottery tickets?
  11. What is your favorite piece of art you have in your home? 
My Leibster Winners
Here are the blogs that I read and love. So I'm giving them the Leibster award. Some I'm not sure if they have 200 or less followers. I have to admit this was the hardest part of the award because most of these are just people I've stumbled on over the last year so reaching out to them to say - hey I read your blog made me feel kind of funny. But, I did it.

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Running For my Life

Thursday, August 2, 2012

TTT (Triathlon Training Thursday)

13 Weeks and counting until Rev3 Venice Florida.

My kids are out of camp and home with me. They also both have summer colds. This lends a slightly major amount of disorganization to my training schedule. Either I train before they get up and before the hubs leaves for work or the other option is at night. I hardly ever train at night so it's in the morning or not so much really.

First have you seen the "Call me Lochte" video?

Okay so the swim is the area of major concern at the moment based on my freak out and pathetic performance in the last trilogy.

I swam both Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Tuesday at UM where it was fine. I did their workout which included a ton of kicking and therefore wasn't a huge amount of yards. I am a super slow kicker. Then Wednesday I went to the Miami Swimming Masters practice at Ransom Everglades pool.  I went with my friend Meli who is training for IM Cozumel. I had been told that this was a fast group. This is the understatement of the year. I knew that the coach wouldn't be there - he's in London (yes the Olympics) - so I was expecting a loosey-goosey practice. Luckily for me I saw a friend on the way in and she showed me around. So here's the breakdown. Lanes 1&8 are for slowpokes. But lanes 2-7 are all the fast lane. As in they started with 8 - IMs on the 1:20. 1:20 in a 50 meter pool. So 1:20 for 100 meters. That is for those who are curious about double my speed. Ahem. I did my own workout. As an additional bummer the water coolers were on spraying in lane 1 & 8 which meant that I was sprayed with water the whole time. It actually kind of sucked. I will probably try this again on a Monday when the coach is back and try to see if he would be willing to make lane 2 a slow lane with an adjusted workout but I'm not holding my breath.

So I'm still looking for a good option. Why oh why is this such a challenge? I have just decided that UM is just not a good option because it's only 2 days a week. If it rains one of those days or my hubby has a meeting I'm out 1/2 my pool workouts.

And here's the goal. I recently read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true) that if you want to maintain your performance swim 3 times a week (that's where I am), if you want to improve swim 4 times a week and if you want to dramatically improve swim 5 times a week. That makes sense to me actually so I want to dramatically increase the number of days I swim. This would be 4 weekdays and Saturday. Plus it would make most days a double workout. It's an ambitious goal and I know going in that hitting it is going to be the rare week.

Longest long ride ever on Sunday. 79 miles. Felt fine.
Photo by Kike. Diane and I on the way back from Florida City.

Toward the end of the ride two of the riders in our group took a tumble. That was scary but they are both fine. Banged up - and one bike is trashed but they are okay, no broken bones. It rattled me a bit and I skipped my transition run after the bike :-) any excuse for that is okay with me.
We turned around in Everglades National Park which is soooo far from home.

There was also an accident out on the key which is always sad. Somebody asked me where I bike during the week. Answer, in my garage. I do my mid-week rides on the trainer. It's a deal I made with my husband after Aaron Cohen was hit out on the key. I never ride alone and I avoid the roads on weekdays when traffic is heavier.

After the trainer I did a shake out run. I am stiff and sore from the long bike. And today is track.

And that's all.

July Totals
So these numbers are most likely way off because I was on vacation and not tracking while I did that but here they are according to Training Peaks.

Bike 228 miles
Run 52 miles
Brick 83 miles (I have no idea what this means I mean I know what a brick is but what this breaks down to I am not sure)
Swim 43,750 yards (that sounds a lot high I'm pretty sure there must be a typo where I put in 20,000 instead of 2,000 one day)