Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school, masters swimming and tri-clips

The kids are back to school! Woo hoo! Sing it with me ... the kids are back to school!

To be honest the first few weeks are not so much of a break for me since I have to be around almost constantly as the "nut patrol." I'm referring to nuts like walnuts and peanuts to which my son is allergic and not the crazy parents who may be around the school. Ha!

Nonetheless my kids and I are happy to be back to school.
We bike to school for fun and because the traffic stresses mommy out. Seriously 800 distracted moms in luxury SUVs is a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion. Today the sidewalks were damp which made for a much more exciting ride. Yes my little maniac did manage to fall once and slip and slide a bunch. Our bike handling skills are going to be awesome by the end of the year.

Masters Swimming Update
So I mentioned that the nearby super pool at Gulliver Prep had hired a new masters swimming coach. Her name is Jamie and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. She's been there every day and on time. GASP! She stands by the edge of the pool and gives us a workout. GASP GASP. And she's given me some tips. Okay, enough with the gasping.  It's not quite so organized as my brothers group in Minnesota but it's a huge improvement over what options I had before.

So a few things are happening as a result so far.
  1. I'm not dreading morning swimming. 
  2. I'm not nauseated during the workout (which yes does mean it was totally in my imagination but whatever,  it seems to be gone and that's good).
  3. I am pushing myself harder in the workouts which is what I knew I wasn't doing before and just couldn't seem to make myself do. 
So I did sign all the online paperwork and join it seems like a few dozen swimming organizations (masters swimming - usa swimming what is all this crap?) to be a  member. Voila - commitment and hopefully soon - improvement. That would be really exciting.

I have almost exactly an hour between when I get home from biking the kids to school and when I go back as the nut patrol for lunch. (Yes, I'm that mom. Oh you have pb&j okay I'm sure you're a terrific kid but we can't sit next to you. Actually we have our own special nut-free table. But you would be too if your kid had the nut allergies - trust me it's a pain. )

Today it's the perfect amount of time to write this little blog post and order Tri-clips. My brother has these and he's much faster than me on the bike. Like with all things related to triathlon I have absolute confidence that this purchase (rather than hard work and more training) will make all the difference. I jest here a little bit.

Next races - Escape to Miami followed by Rev3 Venice. 

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