Tuesday, August 28, 2012

today my heart is in New Orleans

Here in Miami hurricanes are a way of life. Here it's a mascot of the local university.

But there are two groups of people in Miami. Those who lived here for Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and those who didn't. Andrew was a gigantic storm that changed the landscape in Miami ... it just did. We are 20 years after Andrew and there are still places where people will say it hasn't recovered (the zoo, the canopy on Old Cutler).

I moved to Miami 4 years after Andrew. But I have been here long enough to know that the affect of Andrew on the people who survived it runs deep. They will never forget. At my first job here I remember that there was a storm warning and those who had been through Andrew were so totally distracted by the weather that our boss sent them all home to prepare. She understood that their nerves were still frazzled.

For me I've been through 3 hurricanes. All catagory 1. Small hurricanes on the grading scale. But all in one season 2005 -  Katrina, Rita, & Wilma. At the end of the season Wilma knocked out my power for 14 days and I needed a new roof. I was with a lot of people in that "need a new roof" group and it took us 2 years to get it done.

The thing that I remember most from that summer was after Katrina sitting in the guest room in my in-laws house feeling sorry for myself. Disgruntled because I was displaced all of 60 miles. Sad because I had no power for all of 2 days and then feeling like a total self-centered ingrate as I watched on television as they reported as Katrina strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico and just leveled New Orleans.

New Orleans is another city with a strong connection to hurricanes. There it's the name of a rum drink but still a part of the history.

Now I feel a little bit like history is repeating. Isaac was a tropical storm that came through Miami or just South actually and gave us lots of rain. But now it's strengthening in the gulf and if it stays on track it will be a category 1 storm going into New Orleans. Not the strongest of storms but little storms can do plenty of damage.

So today and tomorrow my heart is in New Orleans and all along that coast hoping that the people there stay safe and dry. I hope their power stays on and I just hope this storm goes past without much incident at all.

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