Thursday, August 23, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - 10 weeks to Rev3

General News- So far this week I've hit all my workouts. Go figure because it's the first week of school which is a little chaotic. But I think the key to success is the early morning workout - as much as I hate to say that.

Also while I haven't done an Ironman even yet I will say they make really inspirational videos. Probably they should spend more time working on making their events better than videos but I do like to watch them.

Now back to regular updates:
I am not excellent at motivating myself through a workout. This is a personality flaw that I have known for a few years. I'm very good at getting to practice and doing what I'm told. If I'm left to my own devices for the workout itself I'll cut corners. So having a more organized masters plan is making a big difference to me. Now there is still an issue which is that I cannot finish 3500 yards in an hour - yet ... well maybe ever ... but that's yet to be seen. So currently my plan is to do three 60 minute workouts a week instead of two 90 minute workouts that are on my schedule.  Plus the open water swim on Saturday. Sounds like it should work, right?

Long ride of 4 hours last week. All good. Trainer workout Tuesday morning. Well that one wasn't so perfect. I had to put my aero bars on so I lost some time for that and well I did most of it.

I've also been biking with the kids back and forth to school - probably doesn't count as a workout but I'm doing it so it should count.

The long run this week was 10 miles on Sunday. So after the long bike. I was not bursting with energy. But we got it done.

So nutrition is not a normal category on the training summary because normally I just stumble along and do fine. I eat mostly whole foods with the occasional mini DQ Blizzard with my kids.

But this week probably as a result of doing all the workouts in the morning I've been super hungry during the day and yesterday I had a total wake up call that I wasn't paying enough attention. I was in Get Smart looking for the right colors of plastic duotang folders for my daughter. If you don't know what those are - be happy, very happy.

Anyway, all of a sudden I realized my blood sugar was way too low ... sweating, overheated, shaking, slightly dizzy, probably cranky. The whole package. If this has never happened to you be very happy. That hasn't happened to me in years because I make sure to eat every few hours. Anyway it wasn't a disaster or anything I just went with my son to whole foods just a few doors down and picked up a pasta salad at the deli and felt much better. He had a cookie and so he was happy too. So today I'm paying more attention to what I'm eating because I hate that feeling.

and lastly Weather!
So early next week we'll be having some tropical stormy weather. I predict that this will mess up my swimming but we'll see. 


  1. getting it done is totally the thing. and getting done in the a.m. seems to be the bedrock for that. I'm on a mission starting 1 September to knock out the factors that encourage me to miss sessions. Looks like life is going to happen largely between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., but that's fine. Good luck evading the storms!

    1. We had just rain for the storms we're really lucky. Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. 3500 yards in an hour is amazing. That would be like swimming 1.2 miles in just over 30 minutes.

    also, I do know that low blood sugar thing. perhaps not surprising, that happens to me not infrequently.

    1. Don't you do something crazy like 3300 yards in your masters sets, speedy?

      I never knew you got the sugar crashes too. They are not fun.

  3. 3500 yards in one hour? and then for a full day? ouch. not sure I can keep that pace either. then again, I am a self admitted back=to-middle-of-the-packer. keep on keeping on .... I hope the first week of school was smooth, and I have fingers crossed that we will totally dodge Isaac's bullets.

    1. We had a good first week of school and now I think we have finally gotten all of our school supplies. Why do my kids come home with something else they need every day? What is up with that?

      I hope you had a good first week too. I'm swimming long with my group Monday morning on the Key if you wanna come.

  4. I've only been able to bang out 3000 in a 1-hour masters session (once!) - I usually can hit 2500-2750 with no problem. The key for me is no dawdling (is that even spelled right?!) between sets. Oh, and swimming faster.

    I'm really at a 2:00 plateau. I want to crush that next season!

    1. Di, I think you're right. The no dawdling is key. I tend to add a few seconds on here and there and I think that adds up.