Thursday, August 16, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - 11 weeks until Rev3 Venice

This will be a shorter blog update than most (I hope).

Swim Progress.
Last week my only swim was the Saturday open water swim. Monday rolled around and I had stayed up too late Sunday night and wasn't feeling the swim love. But then I got a text from Mel (who is decidedly more motivated than I am at the moment) and there is a new masters swim coach at Gulliver. So I did check that out on Wednesday. It was great. It was a lot of drills so the yards were short but I had a good workout and I felt great. I'll go back tomorrow - Friday.

I actually got up this morning to go to the Stroke Doctors Master class at Jose Marti pool but my iPhone directions failed me. I ended up in Doral instead of downtown and so that was a big miss. Try again next week. I will say I am super tired from getting up early even though I didn't swim. Also - somehow in the morning adventures I lost my banana. Weird.

I did my trainer workout Tuesday - so boring. So so boring. That is all.

Run / Injury update
What I'm injured? You didn't know. Well not really but maybe. I have had the IT band niggle for about 2 weeks. I've been foam rolling and stretching and stuff. But last Saturday I fell while jogging on the boardwalk on South Beach. The wood was slippery and I tripped and did a very graceful dive onto the ground. I also took down my running pal Rachel and I think she actually is more hurt than me. I have a little scrape on my knee and a bruise on my left hip and that is all. Sort of. I could tell the next day that my body was compensating for the fall by tightening up my whole right side. The bottom of my foot, my calf, my hamstring, my right butt cheek, my shoulder, etc. I tried to stretch but it wasn't really working. So I got myself into the chiropractor Monday and he confirmed ... yup, out of wack. My hip flexor tightened up completely. He adjusted and said go for a walk later and stretch. So I did a short recovery walk/run that night. It was better and the next day I felt better but still tight. Wednesday better but still tight. Free chair massage at Tommy Bahamas guy said my qadrus lumbarticus (or something like that) was really tight. No kidding. Chiropractor again, he adjusted and then put this vibrating, agitating machine into my super tight lower back / upper butt muscles. Yikes! I did almost jump off the table. Those muscles were tight all right. So I think that probably did the trick. I'm off to foam-roller now and today I have a run so I'll see how that goes.

Other random tidbits
I made my hotel reservation for the race. Good stuff. So did my brother. He'll be here for the race with his family and it looks like he might race too. That would be great. 


  1. The real question is "have you registered?"

  2. 11 weeks! I'll have to start getting my rear in gear!

  3. Your comment about "checking the water softener at our house" is clever. I still am smiling about it.