Thursday, August 30, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - My plan to hit 5:30 at Rev3 Venice

Subtitle: How I plan to beat my little brother at Rev3 in October (insert evil laugh here).

My goal is to hit 5:30 at Rev3 in October. Thats 5 hours and 30 minutes start to finish.

My brother has hit the 5:30 range already so if I did 5:30 exactly I might beat him but the chances are that he'll break 5:30 at this race before I beat him at a race of this distance. He's very fast. Read about how he WON his last race here. Nevertheless, a girl can dream.

Before I go much further ... let me add for my S-i-l, yes, I am registered. I forked over my credit card info this morning. I did not pre-order a jersey - hopefully I don't regret that but there was no picture to tempt me.

The swim: 40 minutes

If my math is right (and I used this calculator) I would need to swim 1:54/100 yards roughly to make this time.  I think that's doable for me. I estimate that I comfortably swim 100 yards in 2 minutes so if I can swim a straight line and put some effort into it I should do this.  To be sure I'm not totally crazy I'll be timing a 100 tomorrow since I'm not entirely sure how fast/slow I actually swim.

The swim will also need to be approximately the right length. The only other 70.3 I've done the swim was totally long (and filled with boat oil - gross). 

In order to hit this time goal I am diligently attending my masters swim group 3x a week to improve my swimming. That's the whole plan - masters swimming, swim more oh right and wear the swimskin.

t1 - 5 minutes

The bike: 2:35

To hit 2:35 I will need to average 21.7 mph on the ride.

I am the only one in my group who is not currently training for a full Ironman so my long bikes are really long. I'm hoping that this will pay off when I try to do these 56 miles at 20 mph with nobody to draft behind.

I did 3 hrs in my last 70.3 and my cycling has definitely improved.  But this is still a massive improvement. I need to work on getting to my water bottles behind me without slowing to 8 mph :-) That will definitely be the difference :-). Cycling for me is kind of mental - I tend to zone out and slow down. Staying focused and believing I can do it is important. I am going to make a list of things to think about during the race because in Motivation man ... I was really bored. However, going faster should make it less boring.

t2- 5 minutes

The run: 2:05 hours

This might be insanity because I've only ever run one other 2-hour half marathon and so this would mean hitting close to my pr in the 3rd leg of a triathlon. Might be too ambitious. I'm doing  sit ups and calf raises to improve my chances. But probably not as many as I should be doing.

The run is also mental. By this point of the race will be hot and I'll be tired. It is still hot here in October.  I need to be ready to embrace the uncomfortable feeling that I don't love so much. Other racers will be chatting and there will be people slowing and walking and stopping I need to not see that as an endorsement to slow down myself. Instead keeping it in my mind to keep going. 9:33 minute miles over and over again.

So on paper that's it. 40 minute swim, 5 minute transition, 2:35 hour bike, 5 minute transition, and 2 hour 5 minute run. Cross the finish line with my kiddos, wait for my brother who will be finishing just behind me (ha!) and call it a day.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck!! What a great attitude, and *this* is how to prep for an event ;>

    1. Thanks. It's a long shot but I'm working on it.