Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storms are boring and most likely bad for my liver

Here in sunny South Florida we are spoiled babies when it comes to the weather. We can be outside and active all year long. So when a tropical storm or hurricane comes along and we're forced inside we get a little cranky.

This storm, Isaac, didn't do much damage so we're lucky. I suppose I shouldn't say that yet since it's not quite over. But ... lots of rain, so much rain and gusty winds. But the weather has been yucky since Saturday morning and of course the kiddos are out of school today because the storm isn't quite gone yet.

Actually, I think it's just the grown ups who are bored. My kids are having a great time. We haven't lose power so it's not scary or uncomfortable but we did pull out all the lanterns and flashlights and change all the batteries. Jack loved that. He really enjoyed helping. Marc maybe didn't appreciate the help as much as he enjoyed giving it.

We brought in all the outdoor pool stuff which was fun for the kids. It was also a great opportunity for me to toss all the stuff that was beaten up from being in the sun all summer long. 

I set up playdates with friends in the neighborhood for them ... always a treat.

Thee kids built a giant fort in Dylan's bedroom. Which is always fun.
Giant fort! Normally I make them take these down before bed but it's been up all weekend for tons of fun.

Since the weather isn't too bad Jack has periodically been outside testing the wind and the rain ... which is fun. I enjoy it too. There are no pictures of him doing this because as soon as his clothes are wet from the rain he tears them off and goes running around naked. One of the advantages of being a kid.

We played board games with the kids at night. Which they love.
This is how we survive cabin fever. Wine each night. Ow ... my liver. Luckily I wasn't getting up early to train.

Jack is still too young to play very much and he doesn't like to follow the rules when they go against him. But it was fun for all of us. Marc gets annoyed when the kids take too long and we all make fun of him and then we laugh and laugh and then the kids cheat and we tell them not to and they maintain that they weren't cheating this is how grandma taught them to play more laughing. Usually there is at least one crying burst. Wine is important during family game night.
In this picture Marc is having the kids promise not to cry when the other one wins. Luckily Jack won because even though he promised he definitely would have had a breakdown if his sister beat him.

And we let them pile into bed with us for sleeping in case the power goes out during the night. We didn't get more than brief outages so it wasn't really necessary but they love it.

So today the rest of the storm will pass by and tomorrow we'll be back to normal.  

In other big news my brother got his first win at a triathlon this weekend in Minnesota. We are all super excited about that because he's been working on it all summer. Great things still to come!

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