Thursday, August 2, 2012

TTT (Triathlon Training Thursday)

13 Weeks and counting until Rev3 Venice Florida.

My kids are out of camp and home with me. They also both have summer colds. This lends a slightly major amount of disorganization to my training schedule. Either I train before they get up and before the hubs leaves for work or the other option is at night. I hardly ever train at night so it's in the morning or not so much really.

First have you seen the "Call me Lochte" video?

Okay so the swim is the area of major concern at the moment based on my freak out and pathetic performance in the last trilogy.

I swam both Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Tuesday at UM where it was fine. I did their workout which included a ton of kicking and therefore wasn't a huge amount of yards. I am a super slow kicker. Then Wednesday I went to the Miami Swimming Masters practice at Ransom Everglades pool.  I went with my friend Meli who is training for IM Cozumel. I had been told that this was a fast group. This is the understatement of the year. I knew that the coach wouldn't be there - he's in London (yes the Olympics) - so I was expecting a loosey-goosey practice. Luckily for me I saw a friend on the way in and she showed me around. So here's the breakdown. Lanes 1&8 are for slowpokes. But lanes 2-7 are all the fast lane. As in they started with 8 - IMs on the 1:20. 1:20 in a 50 meter pool. So 1:20 for 100 meters. That is for those who are curious about double my speed. Ahem. I did my own workout. As an additional bummer the water coolers were on spraying in lane 1 & 8 which meant that I was sprayed with water the whole time. It actually kind of sucked. I will probably try this again on a Monday when the coach is back and try to see if he would be willing to make lane 2 a slow lane with an adjusted workout but I'm not holding my breath.

So I'm still looking for a good option. Why oh why is this such a challenge? I have just decided that UM is just not a good option because it's only 2 days a week. If it rains one of those days or my hubby has a meeting I'm out 1/2 my pool workouts.

And here's the goal. I recently read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true) that if you want to maintain your performance swim 3 times a week (that's where I am), if you want to improve swim 4 times a week and if you want to dramatically improve swim 5 times a week. That makes sense to me actually so I want to dramatically increase the number of days I swim. This would be 4 weekdays and Saturday. Plus it would make most days a double workout. It's an ambitious goal and I know going in that hitting it is going to be the rare week.

Longest long ride ever on Sunday. 79 miles. Felt fine.
Photo by Kike. Diane and I on the way back from Florida City.

Toward the end of the ride two of the riders in our group took a tumble. That was scary but they are both fine. Banged up - and one bike is trashed but they are okay, no broken bones. It rattled me a bit and I skipped my transition run after the bike :-) any excuse for that is okay with me.
We turned around in Everglades National Park which is soooo far from home.

There was also an accident out on the key which is always sad. Somebody asked me where I bike during the week. Answer, in my garage. I do my mid-week rides on the trainer. It's a deal I made with my husband after Aaron Cohen was hit out on the key. I never ride alone and I avoid the roads on weekdays when traffic is heavier.

After the trainer I did a shake out run. I am stiff and sore from the long bike. And today is track.

And that's all.

July Totals
So these numbers are most likely way off because I was on vacation and not tracking while I did that but here they are according to Training Peaks.

Bike 228 miles
Run 52 miles
Brick 83 miles (I have no idea what this means I mean I know what a brick is but what this breaks down to I am not sure)
Swim 43,750 yards (that sounds a lot high I'm pretty sure there must be a typo where I put in 20,000 instead of 2,000 one day)


  1. LOVED the Lochte video! I swim Mon & Friday at Jose Marti pool ... brickell with a group called Tri2One. Let me know if you are interested in details but he doesn't do separate swimming (i.e. you get the whole triathlon package). There is also Erin from Full Circle who I think does Jose Marti on wednesdays. They may or may not be options for you.

    I just recently started riding outside again after Aaron's death. I too went to the trainer on February and your doing it is just another sign that I need to do that too for my mid week rides. I need to find a solution for weekend long rides, I am not that fast and very scared of traffic so Hammerheads going to Florida City sounds incredibly intimidating at this point. I am going loopy loop around KB for 70 miles on sunday. ugh.

    I love reading your updates!

  2. So I felt that our swim at Ransom was a sort of like Six Flags being stuck in those wavy pools! I cannot go with you next week I'm out of town but I'll try again next next week... Why is swimming such a challenge?