Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The difference a day makes

Sunday's 80 mile bike ride was rained out. I woke up to thunder and lightening but no email saying ... cancelled. So I started my coffee and ate my oatmeal and watched it rain and thought ... geez, really am I going to ride in this?

I trust my coach. He won't have us ride in anything unsafe. I mean he rides with me so he'd be risking his own skin. So, I checked the radar and tried to figure out if it was going to clear.

And then I got a text ... ride cancelled. You didn't have to tell me twice - I went straight back to bed. And I was thrilled to do it because my legs were still stiff and sore from all the workouts we've been doing. So I didn't hit the trainer or try and squeeze the miles in later. I rested and then I rested some more. I went to breakfast in the rain with my family. Then I rested followed by some lollygagging and more recovering.

One day of rest and my legs were much better. Especially since this is a light week. I have a race this weekend. Escape to Miami. Woohoo!

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