Saturday, September 22, 2012

The earliest wake-up call, ever.

Tomorrow I'm racing Escape to Miami. Olympic distance. Yay me!

I've wanted to do this race because it's got a great gimmick - you ride out on a ferry and leap off the boat to get to the swim start. Similar to Alcatraz except not exactly since we don't start from the boat. Also I'll never race Alcatraz because the water at Alcatraz is really cold - and filled with sharks - and I'm a wimp.

So I'm on the 5:30 ferry. So um I'm waking up at 3:42. WTF!!!! Excuse my language.

I actually did a timeline to figure it out-

Ferry 5:30
Out of transition 5:10
Into transition 4:50
Walk from parking garage 4:40
Parking 4:30
Pull out of driveway 4:00

Even with that crazy early wake- up it won't be a lot of lolly gagging until I get to the island.

In order to maximize my sleep I've already put my transition bag into the car. Up - get dressed - pour coffee and heat up oatmeal to eat in the car, grab the water bottles and go.

I am in bed now - writing this on my phone. When I finish I'll clip my fingernails on the 1 zillion to 1 chance that the water will be cold enough for a wetsuit. It won't but it's good to be ready just in case.

It rained and poured and lightninged today all day ... Hmmm there is a pattern this year. (see Motivation
Man) The forecast is the same for tomorrow so fingers crossed there's no rain until after the bike.

Other than that I have my standard swim anxiety. There is a known current in this swim so it's not totally without reason but if I can just keep calm and swim on I know I'll be fine. I have to remind myself that while my swim training isn't perfect I've actually been more structured for the last 6 weeks or so with the masters group. And today at bike check-in I looked out at Escape Island and it didn't seem too far. Of course, we don't swim straight over and I rarely swim in a straight line -ha! On a serious note I'm happy it's a big race because that's more feet to follow.

I prefer not to ride my bike in the rain ... But that may be the case tomorrow. So we'll see. If not I'd love to see how all my mileage will pay off. If it rains all bets are off. I am a chicken in the rain. This bike course is a 2-loop course over the causeway bridges. As long as the roads are clear it should be fun. I mean I do hate the loops but other than that.

This race is famous for the run being a total scorcher. I start at 7:15 - the earliest I'd hit the run is 9:00 - the high tomorrow is supposed to be 84. It won't be chilly. You run out over the causeway to Miami Beach. There is no shade at all. I'm usually okay in the heat but not fast in the heat. We'll see what happens.

I will be debuting the new Coach K uniform. Exciting, I know.

In other news my best Olympic time is from Nautica at 3:05. If the weather doesn't suck I'd love to beat that.

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