Friday, September 7, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - on Friday Oops

Oh Geez ... a day late on the weekly post. That about sums up my week. Too busy to be on time.

This morning my son was late (really late like 15 minutes) to school because of 2 reasons. First, he wouldn't get dressed because his red uniform shirt was dirty and they play Mario on the playground and he needs to be Mario. Only red is acceptable. Yellow was rejected because then he would be a mushroom. This was seriously a long and animated conversation we had. He eventually put on a blue shirt. Based on my super quick online search the blue is also a mushroom ... go figure.

Second reason, my husband was biking today and he can't pump up his own tires so I had to show him how. AGAIN. He's completely flummoxed by the presto valves.  So that was my morning.

Back to the training update.

This was a busy weekend.

I don't know if I've mentioned it but I'm one of the few in my training group who doesn't have a full Ironman coming up in 10-12 weeks. So their training runs and rides are getting pretty long.

This weekend on Saturday was a 9.5 mile run which was easy peasy for me - they did 16. I was pretty happy I didn't need to run 16 miles to be perfectly honest.

The Big Ride
Then Sunday they had 90 miles. I had 75 on my schedule but I went ahead and did 90 with them because I'd rather do 90 miles in a group than start with the group but turn around early and do 32.5 solo. Perhaps that's not the brightest decision I've ever made but that's what I did.
halfway. 45.5. Not too long ago that was longer than my longest long rides.

It was one of those rides where you get a very slow start stopping every mile or so for some issue or other - dropped water bottles, random mechanical issues. At one point one person commented that we were going to be out there till 5 pm. It wasn't quite that bad but we didn't finish until close to 12:30.
This is coach Frank helping Diane stretch her calf at Roberts. Every other photo of this was not appropriate for the blog. She was in pain. It motivated me to stretch this week.

I felt fine on the ride until I got home and into the shower. Then sadly I discovered some chaffing near to my girlie parts that I wasn't expecting. That was an interesting shower. I may have yelped in the shower. Tears might have come to my eyes from the stinging pain. 

The Big Swim
Since Monday was a holiday we met for a group swim on Key Biscayne. Two miles. Yup the big "2". The way out was great. We regrouped at least twice and I felt fine. The way back was long. I was ready to stop about half-way. But I kept going and going and going. I really hadn't thought I'd be able to do the 2 miles.
This is us halfway. Yes I did swim with the camera ... I mean that's why a person buys an underwater camera - right? Notice the seaquarium dome in the background - we did not go all the way to the wall because it's apparently dark and creepy over there and I don't need creepy in my swim training.

I'm not trying to be hard on myself or anything but I really only ever do about 2000 yards in my training swims so jumping to a solid 2-mile swim is a big jump. But I did it. It wasn't miserable and there were a few times where we were bunched a little bit together and I need more of that practice because that's what throws me off during the mass starts.

After the swim my mouth was really salty. Really really salty. Seriously it lasted all day. Which was pretty unpleasant and I'm not sure normal. I'm thinking that maybe when swimming in salty water for a long swim like this I should pay more attention to keeping my mouth closed or something.  I mean I didn't drink the water while I swam it just snuck in while I was breathing.
This is our failed attempt to take an underwater group photo but you can see my pink tri top and my white arm sticking out. My tanner training buddies wearing darker colors disappear into the murk of the bay.

Thinking back on this 2 mile swim the way back was a solid mile which is basically what I'm doing in 2 weeks for Escape to Miami so that was good practice. I stopped for 5-6 seconds I think 3 times. Once because I didn't see anyone around me and I wanted to check that I wasn't way off course, once because I heard yelling (it was a training skull near me practicing and once just because I was flat out tired and did breast stroke for a second). It didn't feel so much like a cakewalk that I should be overly confident going into that swim which is a good state of mind to be in I think. 

Other workouts of the week
Tuesday I was supposed to ride the trainer but I skipped it. I was beat from the weekend. One of those days where I kept saying okay and then I'll workout ... but never did.

Wednesday - masters swim. Shortened workout because there was lightening but significant because I did flip turns for almost the whole workout. That's right FLIP TURNS. I can only do two in a row after that I really need that extra breath on the wall but progress is progress.

Thursday - Tempo run. That was fine. Nothing to report. It was hot. I live in Florida - this is not a newsflash.

Friday - This is my scheduled rest day but I'm thinking I should do the trainer workout I skipped Tuesday.

The Big Question - Input Requested
Okay this weekend is Ironman Wisconsin IMoo. I'm not there volunteering. I'm here in Florida. So the plan for roughly the last year was that this was the half ironman year and then next year I was going to do Ironman Wisconsin with my little brother. BUUUUT. He has decided to not race Ironman Wisconsin. So now I have a dilemma. Do I register for Ironman Wisconsin or choose a different race like Vineman? I will need to have a plan by Monday because if I want to register online I'll need to be ready. 

Ironman Wisconsin
Pros of IMoo:
  • I hear it's a great race. 
  • I can probably convince my brothers family to come cheer even though he's not racing. The cousins could entertain the kids and my sister-in-law would make sure my husband made it to the finish line to get me.
Cons of IMoo:
  • It's in Wisconsin which is not the easiest place for me to get to from Miami but not the hardest either probably.
  • Race weekend is during the school year so that complicates the family travel plan.
  • It's a freshwater swim but I think almost always wetsuit legal - maybe that's not a con. I dunno. There is a slowtwitch thread that there are snakes in the water - I'm pretty sure that's a joke. Pretty sure.
  • I'm not sure if anybody local will be training for this race which might mean big long rides alone. I'm not good at completing solo workouts to be honest.

  • so Vineman is in California which is a place my family loves. It's not probably any easier to get to than IMoo in reality. 
  • It's supposed to also be a great race. 
  • Also it's during the summer so that's easier for me to do with vacation time and stuff. I don't know if it's a pro or a con but this is a smaller race. 
  • Registration opens November 1 for that race. Again I don't know if anybody local will be training for this race but they do have a 2-1 special when registration opens so maybe that will help.

Ironman Florida Okay in November I could go volunteer at IM Florida and get a slot there for next November. However, for some reason this is the race I'm least excited about.
  • Pros are that I would drive there and I'm sure there will be a big group of locals training for this race. 
  • Cons are that it's not only during the school year but most likely on the weekend of the big school carnival which is basically a catastrophe for my school aged kids.

Ironman Mont Tremblant
This race is sold out but it's supposed to be a great location. However race day is the Sunday before school starts. I could maybe get an entry through another organization but it's probably not a good date for me. 

So speak up readers ... what are your thoughts? Is anybody else I know out there racing one of these events? Also I should probably talk to my husband about this (smirk).


  1. Vineman! Because if you pick one in in-school time, something will go kerfluey. Or maybe register for two, if you can aff the $$?

    I'm glad to hear that other childrens' life decisions are guided more by Mario than their mother. Mustaches will rebound in a major way when this generation hits puberty.

    ps Scholls corn protectors (the clear ones) stick well to chafe sites

    1. But what could go kerfluey with Ironman training? Just kidding :-)

  2. Amy, great blog and pictures! I loved Vineman. Kind of a laid back feel, crowded course because of Barbs race but loved it. The course can be a bit rough in sections due to California being broke but it is awesome and not too hard. Even the hills are fairly short. The run is hard but three loops keeps family and friends close.

    1. Thanks Chuck. It's a good point about Barb's race being the same day. I know that I hate doing a full marathon when there is also a half because it's lonely after all the half-runners peel off. I wonder if I'll feel the same at this long race.

  3. FLORIDA! for no other reason other than I am going for that one. close by, drive there, cheaper and family will go with me. i understand the carnival but if you give a whole years worth of notice, might not be so bad. then again, i might just be selfish. (if you read my latest post you will understand that!). congrats on the 2 miles! and it was murky that day!

    1. So Christina are you volunteering this year to sign up for next year? The big advantage of Florida is the training partners ... It's tempting, very tempting.