Saturday, September 15, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday (yes yes it is Saturday) - how many weeks to what?

Hold on lemme find my calendar because I've lost track of how many weeks it is to the races because I'm too busy going to endless meetings for Kindergarten. I'm not kidding. There are meetings all the time it is mondo annoying.

The swim -
I continue to swim a few times a week. I'm probably making progress - who knows. The big swimming discovery this week was what it feels like to swim the day after an 85 mile ride. Well it started out fine and then about 10 minutes into the workout my legs announced they would not be participating any further. Just kapput. It was a little weird. The coach said about half-way through,  "are you okay?" And I said yes just tired.

The bike -
So this week my training group was riding 100 miles. I decided to take the short course of 80 miles. Yes I do question my sanity a little bit when the short ride is 80 miles.
It's still very hot here in South Florida but Fall is on the way. That's fog hanging over the grass in this photo which must mean the air was a little cooler, right?

So, I met them about 10 miles into their ride. I also got to start later. So much later in fact that my husband thought I had overslept and my daughter woke up and asked me, "why are you still here." They are well trained for this crazy training thing.

When I got to the starting point I had a little surprise.
It's a big tire and I knew something was wrong because I could hear the hissing as soon as I opened the door. Also it looked like I had parked on my own personal hill because the front was leaning waaaay over.
But luckily my husband took care of this for me during the ride and then at the end I just biked with the group back to my house. 85 miles for the day.
When I made it home my family was playing in the pool so I scrapped the transition run and jumped right in. That was definitely the right decision.

As an actually relevant note about my training that might come in handy to somebody else. I picked up a bunch of single use chamois butt'r packets and reapplied the chamois creme 1/2 way through the ride. It made a very big difference in how I felt at the end. My jump into the pool and my post training shower were completely undramatic. And that's the way I like them.

The run -
I'm running. That's about it. The run is the run. Last week 12 mile long run this week 14 mile long run. Somebody remind me to ask my coach why my runs are so long :-) I did make a running observation this week. I find running after the bike to be hot and miserable on Sunday's. I repeat HOT and MISERABLE because of the HEAT. But on my Tuesday trainer sessions where I am HOT and MISERABLE on the trainer I find the transition run to be awesome. Weird I know.

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