Friday, October 26, 2012

Traditions - worrying about the weather before the race

Well the caravan has headed out for the West coast of Florida for rev3 Venice. This is my last race for the year.

Of course, if you are watching the weather you know Hurricane Sandy is hanging out off the coast pelting us with sideways rain and 20-30 mph winds (possibly gusting to 50 mph!) Not ideal race conditions. I'm trying not to panic about the weather. Sadly, this year that has become habit.

Looking back this year almost every race after Nautica (April 1st), has had ridiculous weather before the race. Motivation Man - crazy rain till hours before the race. One trilogy it rained hard until seconds before the start. The Key Biscayne half-marathon well that was horrible rain and wind through the whole race actually. Then Escape to Miami also crazy rain and wind the whole day before.

So in theory the storm should move North and not be a big factor on Sunday. But if it doesn't quite do that - well it could be interesting on race day.

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