Friday, October 12, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday - again on Friday

This week has been nutso crazy because of construction at my house. That's actually good news because it means perhaps I've moved past the stage of the perpetual construction delay. On the flip side the dust and the banging are enough to bring chaos to even the most organized mommy and I'm not that organized even.

In the triathlon world I've entered into the taper phase which always makes me edgy. But I'm doing a lot of stretching and generally feeling pretty good.

Oh, and I lost my mind and registered for Ironman France-Nice.

Yup - holy crap.

What makes that even more crazy is that I live in a totally flat state. So, training is a mismatch. But I do actually have a friend who did the race this year and loved it. I keep saying to myself, "Benji did can I."

There are a lot of moments when I'm pretty sure this was a super-dumb decision. Then that passes and I get excited again. I hope it all works out okay.

This is a picture of my front door in progress. We are awaiting inspection of the "beam" to proceed. Please cross your fingers and toes that we are allowed to install the rest of this door today:-)

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  1. wow! holy crap indeed. wow. how exciting. how scary. how awesome. you did it! waaaaaaay to go. you are way to cool. and Nice to boot? somewhat envious right now (except for the hill part). congrats on biting the bullet.