Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday is okay when it's a holiday

An empty house
I have been very lucky to have lots of family in town recently. I love having a full house. This past weekend we had a very full house with my husband's family all staying over. It was great and like all family visits I'm also happy it's over.

Still a bit on the mend
I sort of think I'm all better but I am actually still a bit congested and have the nighttime coughing thing going on still which totally sucks. However, I did get in the pool Friday. I said I would and I did. Not the early morning session but the noon session which may be my plan during cooler weather. I'm not sure yet. The pool was certainly empty enough. The water is plenty warm but it is a weird feeling that the air is cooler on my arms as I swim. It's not unpleasant though - just different. Later I worked out some other muscles by ice skating at a birthday party with the kids. My calves are still sore.

Saturday I took off. There was a bike on the schedule but there were also house guests and birthday parties and ear piercings to take care of and therefore ... I skipped said bike ride.

Sunday I ran slowly with the group heading to Cozumel. They are tapering and I am slacking and therefore we were all on the same pace.

Miami Man
After the run - breakfast and then volunteering at Miami Man - all day. That was fun but also exhausting. I saw my blogging buddy Christina on the run looking very determined. She went on to take 2nd in her division! Woot Woot! I did also get to cheer on my friend Rachel in her first 70.3. She worked hard for her first finish. She thought she missed the cutoff for the bike course and still went on to do the run. I think she was wrong about the cutoff because her results posted and there were a lot of folks who finished after her. I still am impressed by her gumption that she kept going.

It was also interesting to see how people looked coming through the course. I was on the run so I didn't see them on the bike but some folks are in great shape and others are working so hard they look super unhappy.

Its remarkably easy to tell who's in trouble on the run when they are coming toward an aid station. There is, of course, the death march shuffle which gives some people away. But also there were a lot of people who had spittle thickened and white at the corner of their mouth which I think is probably from dehydration and mouth breathing but I really don't know. When I saw that I would try to make sure they got a full cup of liquid because I did not think it was a good sign. Also the confusion is interesting. When you ask a runner if they need something and they are clearly confused ... it's not a good sign. However as a participant familiar with that fuzzy feeling late in the race I tried to get some calories into those folks because that's what helps me most then.

I filled up approximately 10 zillion cups of Cytomax (disgusting stuff in my opinion). My back is a little stiff from bending that one inch forward to fill the cups for an extended time. After being out there all day I have even more respect for volunteers at the long events. It takes a lot of commitment to stay all day and keep working. I'll admit I did goof off for a big stretch toward the end of the day.  There were others who managed to dance and sign and cheer ALL-DAY. Those are super volunteers.

Miami Man had been on my potential race list ... in fact I entertained the idea of jumping in to do the full 70.3 because my last race was shortened but I'm happy I didn't. I'm not sure if I want to do this race actually.  I'm not sure if I like the course. Plus it's the same size in participants as the Rev3 race but I just don't think it's as organized. Maybe I'm being picky ... people who race it do seem to love it.

Volunteers ROCK!
So as a policy I always thank volunteers as I race. Well not during the swim because I'm not sure how I would do that. I always read that you should that I should thank volunteers and so a while back I started thanking folks and I just keep doing it. I thank police officers at intersections on the bike and run and also at the aid stations. I'm definitely going to keep doing that because volunteering really is hard work and also I really am thankful for people out there when I race.

Up Next!
Stretching is in order for today and lifting those heavy things outside ... what are they called again ... oh right, weights.


  1. You have no idea how much seeing you meant to me! I was struggling at that point because the bike had been so hard on my legs. Then I saw you and you said you finally started running at mile three. I was at mile two something and I said, I'll give myself a break and at mile three no more negative thoughts and wanting to quit. And there you have it. I hope I did thank you. I tend to thank everyone especially on the bike, but when it comes to the run, I am usually struggling so my thanks may sound more like a grunt. I hope they understand ... :) thank you for being such a great cheerleader yesterday! You rock! Now no more slacking ... you've got an IronMan in your future....

    1. A windy ride like Sunday is really hard. Apparently Miami Man frequently has wind but I've never done the race so I can't say. I'm glad I was there to cheer you on - there have been so many times a volunteer or a spectator gave me the push I needed so I want to be that person for somebody else if I can. Great job out there.