Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slacking big time

These past two weeks I've taken recovery to a whole new level.

Admittedly the first week I was down for the count with a pretty severe head cold. So, I did the best I could do which was ... nothing except lie in bed and go through Kleenex like crazy. After a few days I moved up to also going through cough drops like crazy. I might have been a tad grouchy. My husband would not use the word grouchy his word would rhyme with itchy.

Saturday I was feeling better so I did my long run which was supposed to be an hour but my Kleenex was toast by 20 minutes so I cut it short to merely 45 minutes. I felt okay other than the constant running nose. So I planned to do Sunday's 3h30 min bike ride.

Sunday - daylight savings time. Oh the joy. I was, of course, up an hour early. Oops. I caught it while still in bed because I had my phone nearby which had the correct time. All of my various electronics were near the bed because I had stayed up late to watch the finishing video of my friends who raced the Florida Ironman in Panama City. All of my friends did AMAZINGLY well and it was terrific to watch them cross the finish line.

Back to jabbering about me. So it was chilly for the bike ride but otherwise a beautiful day. However, I learned that I was not fully recovered from my cold and that I was entirely too snotty to ride well. There was even a short and pretty hysterical lesson in how to shoot a snot rocket from my riding buddy Enrique. I declined to snot rocket because I think boogers on my arm are ... gross.

I actually fell back from the group which hasn't happened in what feels like a long time. Thank you to my buddy Alberto who got me back to the group. So that was humbling.

Since then I've been resting. My chest still feels tight. And I just haven't found the motivation to get back out and train. Yesterday I thought I'd swim ... I hung up my swimsuit the night before, I shaved my legs, but I didn't go. This morning was my first run. It wasn't great. The first 1/2 mile was especially frustrating but by the end I found my rhythm back and I felt better. I did have a total coughing fit about 5 minutes after I finished so I'm still a little on the mend.

Thinking about biking. I really want to work on being a stronger cyclist. I am a lot stronger than I was so I don't want to ignore that. But I want to be stronger. In my age group at Rev 3 I was 14th out of 18th on the bike. Yuck! I also don't like being afraid of things and so I don't want to be afraid of the wind again. Doing the ride probably helped with that because now I know I can do it. So the brain is working overtime here what should be the plan to get better. I know that part of the the answer is ride more, ride faster, ride harder, ride more. So I have to figure out how to make that happen. Suggestions - tips, ideas, all wanted and needed.

Tomorrow I'm going to swim -- I swear it :-0 . Sunday I'm going to cheer for my friends racing MiamiMan! And in case you're curious next up for me is the Miami Marathon. I'm not actually registered yet but my plan is to run the full.

Last thing - Check out my buddy Christina's new blog which starts with her Ironman Florida race report. She is crazy fast. Also since I train with her I'll just back up what she was saying about not training. She really didn't train much these past few months and she still pulled out a faster Ironman split than I'll probably ever see in my life.

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  1. TAKE IT EASY I know what it's like to want to hold onto gains, but two weeks light isn't slacking. Six weeks light is. Get over your cold, then get back out there.

    As far as getting stronger on the bike, i'm in the same boat (or saddle) -- my biggest barrier to riding more (which is the best way to get faster) is the stupid weather/ride hazards at this time of year. So I've been doing 2 more spin classes per week than the usual one, flat out.

    Also, I've gotten some Powercranks (cheap-ish) off eBay and plan to ride the trainer with them.

    Hopefully these two will get me as fast as I like to think I am come spring. Let me know what else you come up with! Gesundheit! K