Friday, November 16, 2012

Training Thursday ... again on Friday

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At the moment in Miami it is marathon season. So for the foreseeable future Triathlon Thursday has been renamed ... training Thursday because there might be more running than anything else.

Today's update is a day late because yesterday I had cut and trace duty in Kindergarten. It's a good thing I'm not a Kindergarten teacher. I was super annoyed cutting all the slices of paper by the end of my shift. So afterwards I had to come home and veg.

Still missing a bit of my mojo
I also ended up skipping my run yesterday because it was already 8 o clock and super dark and I was tired.  The long and the short  of it is that if I don't do my workout early or have an evening training session (like group track) I won't do it. This is a long standing issue with my workouts which resolves itself when I get my lazy but out of bed at 5:30 am.

This shirt arrived in the mail from France this week. Just holding the package made my heart go pitter pat. It says France-Nice on the back so I can't just say ooooh any IM next year.  Hopefully it will help kick my mojo in gear.
I am really a little freaked out about signing up for Ironman France. I'll admit that pretty often I'm considering backing out. But then again I just say to myself ... just do it, you're already registered.

So far I'm the only person I know at the starting line for France. This is a silly thing but I might be too social to enjoy that solo of an experience. I watched my friends finish in Panama City, FL and there was a whole armada of them. They rode up together and they knew they were in it together. So, this is something I have to mentally tackle on the way to France. I'm thinking a few solo 6 hour bike rides will probably let me really know how I feel about being alone that long a time.

I definitely have a new house rule which is that I will not register for races just after 90 mile bike rides. That is a bad idea. Of course I think at that point that I can just do anything. And also ... I'm wrong about that. There is definitely a limit to what I can actually do and we might just see in a few months if that limit is 8 hours on the bike in the mountains.

This is part of my training group. Four of them (not me and not the guy in the back) are racing Ironman Cozumel next week. Also note my super cool Rev3 bike jersey. I love it.
Next weekend I'm going to wing it down to Mexico and be a sherpa for the Cozumel crew. There are like 30 people going from Miami for this race. Since it's a flat course people like it. So, I'll be there to see them go through the whole race day which is something I've never done. I'm putting that down as mental training for France ... file it under "what have I gotten myself into."

Thinking ahead
It's time to make a 2013 plan. Shortly after taking this picture I wrote France down on the page. So there's that. Miami Marathon is probably also on there. Ragnar, maybe. What else ... dunno. I think the pieces will come together in December.

Other random thoughts - 
I raced Rev3 Florida a few weeks ago. This year it was the same date as Miami 70.3. I thought that was an interesting choice. But now they've announced the date for 2013 and I believe instead it is now the same weekend as Ironman Florida. Ironman Florida sold out in about 1 minute with open registration so  a lot of folks didn't get in. Will Rev3 announce an Iron distance for Florida? Hmmm ... I have no idea and also no inside scoop.

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  1. sometimes riding alone brings out the best in you. i've done 70 miles solo several times and it goes by remarkably fast .. talk about quality "me" time! are you doing the full marathon? I think I am sticking to the 1/2. Feel like I need some "downtime" and focus on strength for now. Cant wait to read your journey as it happens!