Friday, December 14, 2012

And just like that the streak is over ...

Respect the running streak
In my last post I briefly mentioned that I had started a running streak. Oh how quickly the mighty fall. It's true that finding 30 minutes a day to run should be doable for everybody. What's also true is that there are days as a mom where it is hard to make that happen. For me that day was Tuesday (swim practice, pediatric opthamologist appointment, traffic, dinner, sleep). My perfectly awesome running streak attempt #1 was 7 days.

So now it's time to suck it up and try again - with new respect for all of those folks who are out there with running streaks that are unbroken for hundreds of days - new respect.

Well I like to think that if you're not failing your not trying enough hard things so ... moving on! Run streak attempt #2, day 3 today ... no run quite yet although I am in my run attire so there is hope.

Exciting news on the whole Ironman France deal
We have most likely booked our travel ... we decided to meet with an agent and they just called with an itinerary. I do think it's actually not the one we wanted so there might be a hiccup but we'll see. We're also looking at apartments for the week in Nice as our little brood just doesn't fit into a standard European hotel room.  

This alone has of course totally brought back the whole can't sleep freaking out what the F@$#@$% am I doing sensation at night when I should be sleeping. Do you ever get that? For me it goes like this ... Drifting off to sleep happy... happy... sleeping ... aaaack Ironman France - crap - hills - PANIC feeling ... drat I'm awake.

Also last night was the Geminid meteor shower. When the kids went to bed the sky was cloudy.  Alas nothing to see. My oldest kiddo who wants to be an astronomer looked it up online and found out that the peak time was between 10-2 am. Who taught this kid to use google - so inconvenient. So unbeknownst to me she set her alarm for 1:40 AM. Around 1am she climbed into my bed and so at 1:40 her alarm didn't wake her up ... just me. After stumbling around the house half-awake I finally figured out the random beeping coming from her alarm clock and was about to go back to bed when I thought hmmm... I'm up it's a shame to at least not just check it out. I went outside alone and the sky was clear. I waited a few minutes and I did see a few shooting stars. So then in either a great parenting moment or a really crappy one (the verdict may still be out on that when it comes to waking up a 9 year old at 2 am) I actually woke her up and we went out together for probably 10-15 minutes. They are a little tricky to see because they are fast and at first I wasn't sure if I was actually seeing them or just moving my head or blinking or imagining them. But then one will happen more in the middle of the sky and it's very cool. So we did see a few together and she was very excited. Then back to bed. She of course fell asleep instantly - mom, not so much really.

So, today the kid helping me to the car with my groceries told me I looked tired. Awesome!

Training through the holidays
I know that training through the holidays is a challenge. So I'm not too hard on myself when things aren't 100%. That's one reason that   I thought the running streak would be a good idea. I should be able to squeeze that in pretty much anywhere. And all but one day I have. On the not so good side though today will be my first swim of the week. Monday I was home with a kiddo - Wednesday same kiddo had a school party during swim practice. I need to figure out whether I just have to get up early and do the early swim to make sure I don't miss it. The answer to this is yes ... it's not really a complicated question there is rarely a conflict with anything else at 6 am. The problem with the early session is that it's cold out and dark and requires extra motivation. Swimming at noon on a sunny day is like a mini-vacation.


  1. hahaha all this made me laugh and empathise! The kiddos do get in the way of workouts but when all is said and done, we'll remember (and cherish) the meteor-watching far more. I try to use my interrupted and non-workout days as motivators to get out there when I can but of course this doesn't always work either. You'll be fine in France. Have you considered riding with extra weight on the bike? Also, get out into headwinds whenever possible, but you probably know that already. Forza!

  2. Kiki - thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I try to comit to streaks and I fail every single time. It's against ,y nature but tell me u need to run 30 mins today I can do that. The whole "one day at a time thing" works for me ... Go figure