Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals - Schmoals

Acheivements first:
I'm not the best log keeper but according to Training Peaks in 2012 I:

1701 miles on the bike.
111,461 yds in the pool.
577.98 miles on my running shoes.

Seems like a lot to me!

Last year my goals were:
  • get up to the 70.3 distance and then get faster at that distance. Did that.
  • renew my passport and travel where it was needed. Did that.
  • Give blood. Did that once.
  • be more organized and less bossy - perpetual goal.
And now drum roll please the 2012 goals (kidding ... just kidding). Actually the big massive goal is already public. I have 2 iron distance races on my schedule for this year. Ironman France in June and Ironman Florida in November. That's the big goal.

My little brother did something this year that was pretty cool. He did a goal a month. He did things like stretching and not drinking any soda and stuff like that. So I'm going to try a formula like his for this year. I am giving myself the Ironman month's off - or rather I'm making the project of the month the Ironman race.

Here's what I have so far:
Facebook only once a day.
Eat as close to no processed foods as possible.
Catch up with kids scrapbooks. Order photos and put photos into albums
Stretch and Strength Train
Floss every day.
Ironman France.
Write every day.
Update my address book.
Go to bed by 10 every night.
Clean out the closets. Yes "all" of the closets.
Ironman Florida & Throw my own 40th birthday party.
Plan the first annual Stone new years party.

So some of these I might move around some. Also some might change. The way I feel about goals is that it only makes sense to do them if they still make sense so if they seem silly I'll just do something else.

Okay enough of this goals schmoals stuff - I have to go remind my kids that the noisemakers are for outside.


  1. those are some great goals! but wait. you are doing BOTH IM France AND IM Florida??? wow! what a badass .... looking forward to hearing how it all goes for you!

    1. Yes the plan is currently that I will do both. It might be a crazy plan I admit that but it's the plan.