Tuesday, December 18, 2012

grrrr stupid little bacteria gremlins

Bah humbug ... a little bit.

My kiddo was back at the doctor yesterday to reveal that the 10 day course of antibiotic didn't get rid of her strep throat. Which is why when she stopped taking it ... dum dum dum...her fever came right back.

So we're trying another medicine. Actually we're not at the moment. She wanted to take pills because she doesn't like the liquid medicine. But unfortunately we now know she can't quite swallow these capsules. She choked one down last night and failed at that this morning so we're waiting for the dr to call in zithromax to start again. Meanwhile she's vegging in her pjs in front of the tv.

Like the good parent that I am my son said "my throat hurts" at breakfast so I gave  him some ice water and sent him off to school. Have I mentioned he's allergic to most antibiotics? This could be a pain.

I on the other hand hit the trainer today for 60 minutes and then a 30 minute run. Go me. I need a new sufferfest video because this one has gotten very boring. Such are my first world problems.

In the good news area - I found my heart rate monitor strap which had been hiding in my closet under about 6 fuel belts for weeks.

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