Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just when you think life is going your way ...

Your kids all get sick and you find yourself going from dr to pharmacy to home and washing your hands every 3 minutes hoping you don't catch the "crud".

Weekend Update
Remember the weekend update from Saturday Night Live - hysterical. This won't be that funny.

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way
My daughter got sick toward the end of last week. Turned out to be strep. The other main contender was influenza so I'm pretty happy it was just strep. Then Saturday evening (read: after the pediatrician's office is closed) my son's scratch on his eye/nose got all yellow and spread bumps ... empetigo most likely. Really gross but we've had it before so I started putting the creme on it that we had from before and took pictures of it throughout the weekend to reassure myself that it wasn't spreading. It's all over his eye - he looks ridiculous and it's contagious so we're off to the doctor in a bit to make sure I'm doing the correct treatment and he can go back to school. (Update went to the dr who freaked out a little bit and gave us an antiviral and we have a follow up with a specialist eye doctor to make sure his rash isn't also IN his EYE. That would be bad. )

And in the meantime ... it's Chanukah. Yes we celebrate all the winter holidays in my house. We are a commercial boondoggle for local stores. But all these kids staying home from the doctor has me waaaaaay behind on the shopping.

Sunday was the official Shiksa Latke day. Which is the day that the family comes over and I make Latke's. I call them Shiksa Latke's because I'm the chef and I'm the shiksa so I think it's kindof funny. For some shiksa is an insulting word so if you're offended ... sorry (actually I'm not sorry but it's possible that I suffer from a female mid-western inborn need to apologize often).

December is a busy month in our house. I'm just going to throw this out there in case anyone has stumbled onto this blog looking for blended family marriage advice. (that would be weird but it could happen, right). If you choose to marry a guy from another religion and honor both sets of traditions during the holidays ... you had better like to shop and wrap. That is all.
latkes at the start. This is the entire reason I own a cast iron skillet. It's the only thing I use it for. I also have a wonderful latke bowl which is a gigantic bowl my sister in law got me for holding all the latke "stuff."

Back to the s-b-r grind
Swim more
Last week was the first week I was back on track training. I did three masters sessions (well in the last one I goofed off for half of it). After Cozumel I came back determined to not slack on my swim training. Be ready for the swim - never skip a workout - except today I'm home with my infected kiddo so I'm not in the pool.  I even swam Saturday on the key - just for 10 minutes or so but the water was freezing. Wet suit practice - yes ma'am.

Bike More

I'm also researching bike training options. As I have stupidly chosen a ridiculously hilly IM course and I live in and insanely flat state this is going to take some creativity. Mostly I think preparing for this bike will take dedication to make sure I bike a lot and that I'm honest with myself that it's going to take 8 hours to complete the bike course so I need to be ready for that. Yup 8 hours.

This is the bike. Notice how it's just one giant hill. Craptastic!
I have one friend who had great success using Computrainer to train on her bike for Florida. She was injured and couldn't ride outside at all. But I have some issues with Computrainer ... let's start with the fact that I think the darn thing costs $1800.00. So let's say I have 6 months to train and I use it 2 times a week (which is a lot actually) that is approximately 48 workouts. If my math works out that's $37 a workout. That seems ridiculous. Plus it doesn't work on a Mac so I'd have to procure a desktop also.

Option two I am reading good things about Trainer Road. This is a web-based option that uses data from your existing devices to give you virtual estimates. I dunno -- it's probably not perfect but then again it's $10 a month ... yes $10. That's a whopping $60 for six months of training. So, I am going to try that. I currently have my step-daughter working on upgrading my dinosaur of a macbook pro so that it will run on that computer and then we'll see how it works.

Lastly, this is the off season down here so people are mainly just socializing on their rides and many people are taking some time off. Especially in my training group where almost everyone has completed their Ironman in November - they are taking a well deserved break. Which is why I ended up riding by myself yesterday. I'm a little proud of myself that even after everybody cancelled I just saddled up and went. I did pair up with somebody I knew for part of the ride back and that did help with the boredom.

I am also planning to change out the cassette on my bike so that I don't have as many easy gears. I'm a little fuzzy on the details here but apparently what I want is a 12-27 and what I have is something else. For some reason I have more of a climbing cassette which will pay off in the mountains. But for training I want to work harder to get stronger.  So figuring this out is on my to do list.

Run more
I also have started a vague plan to run a little bit every day ... I saw something online about a 100 day challenge. So while I didn't officially join the challenge I have run 30 minutes everyday since Tuesday. Well Sunday after the ride it was a lot of walking but whatever. This would be my first ever "streak" ... should I go for 100 days? Should I just do 30? Should I make up my mind already?

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  1. I was looking at the map there I see that (except for the 10 mile climb there) all of those are easier than the two rated climbs you did at Trinona.

    You can do it!