Friday, December 28, 2012

Swimming and my teeth

okay so somewhere in my twitter feed this week was a post from a pro saying she was just back from the dentist and felt so much better having her teeth cleaned removing all the swimmer stains. I thought it was Sara Mclarty but I can't find it so I can't be sure.

I was all AACK ... what... can this be real?

Sadly I can't find the original post to give the person credit for my kind of gross Internet discovery. Because of course, I went home and googled this and sure enough if your pool chemicals are off (and really I think probably most pools chemicals are off sometimes) then you can get brown stains on your teeth. It even has a real name: swimmers calculus.

Luckily it comes off at the dentist and due to my fabulous history of gum issues I'm already at the dentist for a cleaning 4 times a year.

Well yuck!

Read here for actual data from a dentist. Because I'm not a dentist and I don't even play one on tv.

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