Friday, December 21, 2012

Training for triathlons means a lot of ...


I went out last week and bought more sports bras. Because some of mine had disintegrated to the point of not really being usable.
Sport laundry basket. All fitness stuff goes in here but not wet. Hang to dry so that it doesn't drip on the floor and then put it in here till it's so full nothing else fits or you can't find what you need to exercise. Then put a clothespin on your nose and fling it all into the laundry.

Now I should say that even though I live in Miami my sports bras are always underneath something. Except when I ride the bike trainer alone in my garage I cover up my jiggly post-baby belly. Which is to say my sport bras can get pretty worn out before I have to toss them because they are never a fashion item. But they were past their prime and as I discovered this I was tossing them into the garbage. Then there came a day where my workout was delayed because there was no clean sports bra. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ... this was a problem that needed immediate remedy.
I'm pretty sure when the seams come apart like this it is time to throw it away.

So while picking up my son's holiday present (a longboard) at Sports Authority I looked for a Moving Comfort sports bra. They are my fave. Couldn't find them so I asked and sadly Sports Authority no longer caries them. Of course!

Oh big name giant sport apparel company ... you stink.
So, I bought a Nike jog bra. Now let it be said that other than socks and sweat bands I haven't bought any Nike gear for probably about 10 years because I think it is generally ... crap. But I don't have huge boobs so I've never worried too much about the whole jog bra thing. Plus, I was MISSING my WORKOUT and I was running OUT of TIME before I had to pick up the kiddos. Wrongly I figured what could be the problem?

Well the geniuses at Nike put a big Nike swoosh on the inside of the sports bra. And well lets just say not great. I mean maybe it's fine if you're doing yoga or something but if you're running ... nope. Luckily it was a short run/jog.

Okay so it's off to the local run store for actual moving comfort jog bras. They cost a fortune but in my opinion they are worth it. Plus I feel better having shopped at my local small business.

Put this on the list of things you need a lot of when training for a long course race
Additional plus ... I think I almost have enough jog bras to make it through an entire week before I hit a laundry delay. I'll admit though that I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to laundry in that I don't actually do much of my own laundry unless there is a laundry explosion due to a stomach virus or something. Lucky me.
Another thing that's helpful to have a lot of when you're a parent. Those handy medicine measuring cups. Last week with two kids on liquid medicines I did a lot of rinsing of these cups.

In other news - I swam Wednesday. Lunch swim. It's wonderful - sunny - friendly - and I didn't upchuck my soup that I ate at 11:30.

So then Thursday morning relaxing trainer ride - no sufferfest just slow pedal while watching the first episode of Breaking Bad. Pretty entertaining. Then quick 30 minute slow run because the weather is currently fantastic before 10:00 am when it gets hot.

Today - Friday. It's the end of the world. Not sure what time that happens exactly. It's end of school party day at my kids school. It's also my husband's birthday and perhaps due to the impending end of the earth a bizarre weather day here in South Florida. Perhaps I'll make it a rest day. 

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