Monday, December 17, 2012

What got me out of bed this morning

My plan today was the noon masters swim group but yesterday my daughter's fever came back and so that meant child care at the noon hour and therefore (sigh) early morning swim group.

The kiddo climbed into my bed at 2 am and needed more fever medicine. Side note: nighttime parenting is a drag but a required part of the mommy gig.

The alarm went off at 5:30. I was nice and snug under my covers and seriously considered blowing it off. But then a thought went through my veins and I bolted out of bed.
The thought was "@$@#$@#%$@# Ironman France. " And as I mentioned before after that little thought bomb my eyes were open and I unceremoniously rolled out of bed and got moving.

Then I got to the back door and it was dark and chilly (65 degrees and yes I know I'm a wimp) outside and I thought again about just going back to bed but instead I grabbed my run sweater which I had luckily left in the laundry room and I just sucked it up and went to the pool.

Ta - dah. Today I win the battle of the willpower.

For my readers. (Do I have readers?) Here is today's question. I get through about 2000 yards in an hour. Masters practice is an hour. I try to go 3x a week for that hour plus my open water swim on Saturday after my run.

The Ironman swim is just over double my single pool swim amount. I think roughly 4100 yards is 2.4 miles although somebody should check my math. Is this going to be a problem in preparing for the event? Do I need to regularly do significantly more yards in practice?

Options include that I could go to 2 masters sessions on M-W-F but they would not be back-to-back. There is also a 90 minute practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and of course on the weekends I can do my long open water swims on the key.


  1. As you know, I don't have any experience here, but I'm going to say no. Your overall conditioning will handle the distance.

    The only reason you may want to do a full length swim or two would be to convince yourself you can do it.

    1. ok that's good news. I mean I can rely on you bc you are a swim expert.

  2. not sure when your race is, but there is swim miami on April 6 (i think) the day before nautica and there are some long swim races if you just want to see what an ows with other swimmers is. I am doing the 5k.

    1. Oooh ... I can never make that race. Something always comes up. I'm registered for Nautica so I probably won't swim the day before although ... who knows maybe that would be fun. 5k swimming ... that's a lot.